Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Whether we like it or not, we are living in a ‘replaceable’ world- and whether we admit it or not- we are all responsible for this. We like our things, we like them new, we like them faster, stronger, better then the one before. We like things to look good and be easy… and if they are not- we simple replace them with ones that are. Ahhhhh, life in America.

Growing up I remember a few times where one our small appliances would stop working. I recall one time in particular that our toaster would not pop up. So, my mom packed up the toaster and I, and off we went to the next town over to where a little old man had a ‘repair shop’ in his garage off the side of his house. We would drop our toaster off and pick it up a few days later- and it worked as good as new. Now a days, that little old man would starve- and his business would go under. Today, if our toaster breaks we dump it in the garbage and we are off to Walmart to buy another.

But the sad thing is- not only small appliances are replaceable in our world now a days… we are too. Divorce rate is at an all time high- in our society if someone no longer meets our needs they are simply replaced … replaced for someone younger, someone better looking, someone better suited to fit our ‘needs’. And what about our jobs? We can easily be replaced by someone else in the work force. People spend their entire lives working, pouring their heart and soul into a company to one day find themselves laid off, or replaced.

I often wonder if that is why down deep people feel threaten. Why we are so afraid to let people see inside- see the real us. We are afraid to show who we really are. We plaster a smile on our face and pretend that everything is perfect in our lives… when down deep we are hurting. We long for others to approve of us… and we are afraid that if they really see us- see our flaws-that we will be replaced. We are people pleasers more than God pleasers. We believe that if we ‘look’ like we have it all together than people won’t see the damaged goods… the ones that tell us we are not enough and need to be ‘replaced'. We know that once others see the real us- the imperfect us… they won’t see us as important. Knowing this makes it hard for us to believe that God doesn’t see us as that way too. But in fact, the exact opposite is true. God thinks you’re worth dying for.

God specifically designed each one of us for a purpose- an irreplaceable purpose. While the world tells us ‘someone else can do it’ our creator tells us differently. Flaws and all, we are irreplaceable to Him.(kind of like that toaster we had when I was growing up- with God we are as good as new). If God were to line all of us up side by side, there would not be another one just like you. We have been chosen by him for a particular purpose- all we have to do is say yes God- I’ll do it! I’m willing! Through obedience I will accomplish the purpose you have chosen for me- and me alone. God does not care if there is someone younger, faster, more qualified for the job. God chose you and now you must honor him by submitting your life to Him. Whether He chose you to raise children, be a missionary, or drive a bus -you must not argue with the blueprints of your life but instead serve Him gratefully. So don’t fall for the world’s view- hold your heard up high and serve the Lord like only you can do.To God you are irreplaceable- and that is all that really matters. .
You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you”. John 15:16

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Live to love and laugh said...

Great Post

Recovering Noah said...

Super post, Amy. Love your blog!


Sara said...

What a wonderful reminder of God's perfect plan for our lives...a reminder to live up to our full potential in all areas God has chosen us for. Also not to worry so much how others see us, but what does God think. I love your blog Amy!

Anonymous said...

You and your sisters are all irreplacable to us and we thank God he made you all such wonderful young women. We are so proud of all of you. (And the toaster only cost a couple of dollars to fix.) Wasn't that neat? Wish I still had it.