Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The older I get and the more I see in this world the more I realize how much alike we all are. While of course on the outside we may look different- different colors, different styles, different religious backgrounds and beliefs, different cultures, different likes and dislikes, different ages, different jobs, differents hobbies- down deep we all share is our need to be loved, to be accepted, to matter and most of all- our need for Jesus. While some will never acknowledge that need- inside of all of us there is this place- this void- that can ONLY be filled once we claim Him as our Savior.

 While I often cannot understand why the Lord allows so much pain and suffering in this world one thing I know it is in those times of pain that many of us reach out to Him. None of us, regardless of who we are or where we live are going to get through this life without some sort of heart ache.

And Macaria is no different. Despite living in a tin hut with dirt floors, despite walking through this life on her hands- she matters to Jesus and she matters to me.

Macaria was born without legs and she has somehow survived in a country that is far from easy without them. Her only means of survival is to beg on the streets each day, looking up into the faces of those who pass her bye- hoping to see Jesus in one of them. Hoping for a bit of compassion, hoping for someone to reach out to her, someone-to be His hands and feet. 

We went to visit Macaria one day at her home to bring her a  bag of rice, beans and corn. Her situation was one of the worst I had yet to see. As she drug her week body to the door to greet us in her eyes I saw a glimmer of hope. We prayed with Macaria and I asked her what her biggest need was. She showed us her home and the 'bed' where she lay down her head each night. It was a simple wooden crate laying on top of 4 concrete blocks and a thin plastic 'matress' almost like that of a packing envelope.

As I looked around Macaria's home her needs were overwhelming...


Yet in the corner of her room I saw it lying there. Words were circled, sentences were underlined- and in that instant I understood how it was this precious lady had surivived this way for so long.

She knew Him.

 She knew Him in a way that many of us miss out on becasue our lives are so FULL of the good things this world has to offer. She knew Him in a way that many of us refuse to acknowledge- as her ONLY hope. The one she turns to first, the one she clings to, the one she relys on daily to be her all and all. His love made up for all of the things she lacked.

We were able to bring Macaria a new bed so she had a comfortable place to lay her worn out body each night.  But what she gave us was worth so much more~something I will never, ever forget...

Through her circumstances I saw someone who was constantly on their knees before the Lord. Someone who trusted Him for their daily bread. Someone who didn't let their circumstances in life stop them from loving the one who allowed them.

 And I hope and pray that one day I can be just like Macaria.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012


A couple of weeks ago my sweet baby girl somehow turned 17 right before my very eyes. Oh how the Lord has blessed us through this amazing child. If one day I could be just like her I would be the happiest person alive. Thank you Addisyn for your strength, your courage,  your character and your HEART. I am so proud of you, so inspired by you, and so thankful you are in our lives. This world is a better place because you are in it.

I love you sweet girl.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's a MATCH!!!

Every child deserves a safe place where they can be a kid.  A place where they can freely problem solve, use their imagination, develop physical strength, coordination and balance. A place where they can grow, dream, imagine, explore and gain a sense of self.
For many children in Guatemala this is nonexistent.  Many of the children here lose their childhood too quickly due to the stress of just trying to survive.

 Many of us have memories of our childhood days spent swinging on swings, sliding down slides, bouncing up and down on the teeter totter with a friend, hanging on the monkey bars, running through the grass and exploring the world around us. A vital and important part of our childhood development.

The children who come to Village of Hope often have lived in desperate poverty and will for the first time have a safe, permanent place to call home. Our goal is to provide them with the opportunity to grow and develop into the humans the Lord intended them to be through providing a safe place to grow- as every child deserves.

One of our big needs here at Village of Hope is a safe place for the children to play.  Because the facility is built in a mountainous area this isn’t as simple as putting in a swing set and a soccer goal. A large area will have to be dug out, a retaining wall put up to keep the mud from sliding and then the playground will be put in.


View from a different direction...

We have been blessed by a donor who has offered to match up to $10k for the ground to be dug out, a retaining wall constructed, a grassy area planted, and a playground for the children at Village of Hope. For every $1 you give between now and Sept. 6th it will be doubled! What a great way to invest in the kingdom and see your dollar stretched! AND to make this even sweeter- everyone who donates gets entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!!!

To give to the 10K match please go to: Lifesong for Orphans and please indicate it's for Village of Hope Guatemala- 10K Match.

Thank you so much!!!
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