Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

So, while we totally moved the clocks back about 4 hours- we still celebrated the New Year BIG at our house with blow horns and cheers. Because after all, it's the heart and soul you put behind the act that counts right? :)

Happy 2011!!!

What the New Year brings to you

will depend a great deal
on what you bring to the New Year.
~Vern McLellan

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As the New Year approaches, this year, like every year in the past, I cannot help but become a little sentimental as I begin to reflect on the time I have been given.

Time is a funny thing- some days we wish it away as we eagerly await an exciting event… and other days we wish for it to stop- as we try to savor and hold onto that moment we have waited for.

Time is something that affects our every day- and yet often we loose track of it- and other moments we cannot take our eyes off of it.

I read this written somewhere the other day and thought it was worth sharing.

To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade.
To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.
To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who just missed a train.
To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask someone who just avoided an accident.
To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal at the Olympics.

One thing that that Lord has laid on my heart this past year is that TIME is our LIFE.

Each moment of every day we have been given is our life.

And I cannot help but to wonder how much of my life I have wasted on things that have no eternal value…

Often in the Christian world we say we 'gave Jesus our life'. And yet as we look back on our lives- little of that time is actually spent serving Jesus.

If you give Jesus your life- you give Jesus your time.
All of it.

And yet many times we are guilty of only giving Him parts and pieces of our time- the parts that are convenient to us- and our plans.

More than ever before I realize what a precious gift our time is and how quickly the days are filled with things are not worthy of our time. More than ever I realize how important it is to stay focused on what we are spending our time on. My biggest fear is that one day I will look back on my life with regret that I didn’t do more with the time I was given. Time that I could have been making a difference in the life of someone else. A chance in time that I will never be able to have back.

I believe when we truly give Jesus our lives we will see changes in the way we give, sacrifice, and love others- even in the most inconvenient of times.

As we ring in the New Year I challenge you to really focus on the time you have been given- and make it count. Hug just a little bit longer, forgive just a little bit more and look for more ways to give your time- your life- for His glory.

May God bless you richly~ beyond anything you could have ever imagined in 2011- and may it be the most glorious time of your life.

"LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered-how fleeting my life is. Psalm 39:4

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Having a wonderful Christmas day- despite missing Travis (and Martina) and our extended families. We spent the day just hanging out, dancing to some Christmas tunes, playing board games, watching movies and focusing on our blessings. Kept the gifts simple this year- everyone got a suitcase that they will take with them to Guatemala and a pair of TOMS shoes. :) Love knowing that 10 pairs of shoes will be donated to children in need! Hope you had a day full of precious memories that will last a life time.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

This Christmas may you find yourself in awe
of the gift of Jesus birth...
And may you live the rest of your life
knowing that gift
is the greatest gift of all.

From our house to yours~

We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Enjoy the little things in life,
for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.
~Antonio Smith

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Monday, December 20, 2010

7 precious years...

Oh how excited you have been for today to come my sweet girl- and now here it is and you are 7 years old!! Part of me wants to scream at time to stop- and yet I am so proud of the smart, talented, strong, beautiful little girl you continue to become. When I remember back to 6 and a half years ago when they first placed you in my arms I cannot help but to be thankful for every single day we have had together. My sweet princess, your life has changed me in more ways than I could ever even begin to explain. Because of you, my eyes were opened wide- and I am forever grateful. There has always been something special about you- this gentle spirit and tender heart. I love how you are drawn to those who are hurting and have this way of making them feel loved. I know God is going to use that gift to bring others to him. So today my beautiful Guatemalan angel we celebrate you and who you are.
Happy 7th birthday. I love you more than you will ever know.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Have you found Him this Christmas season?

Tonight, we decided to go on a search for the Christ child.

We started by asking the angels....

which led us to the shepherds....

and then onto the Inn keepers....

who sent us onto find the wise men...

They don't call them wise men for nothing...

because they led us straight here....

where we found Him....

Just as they said we would.

Please don't let the season go by without searching...

Because I wouldn't want you to miss out on the greatest gift you could ever possibly be given.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am so excited my sweet friend and adoptive mommy Shelley had a drawing on her blog and I won! (Thank you Shelley!!) Everybody loves to be a winner- especially when it's for something as cool as these...

And because I know you are all wondering where you can get one just like them- go check out the adorable family who is making them to sell for their adoption.

Cool finds and supporting adoption- it doesn't get any better than that. :)

And don't forget to donate to the Pass It Forward Fund on my sidebar so you can be entered in a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate (1st prize) and $25 gift certificate (2nd prize) here.

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You could be the lucky winner!!!

My sweet guardian Angel Danae is at it again. Seriously- she never stops amazing me with her genuine heart and giving nature.

Danae has once again decided to do a drawing and bless TWO lucky people with a gift card (one for $50 and the second for $25). All you have to do is simply make a donation (whether it be $1.00 or $100) to The Pass It Forward Fund or one of the other awesome and deserving fundraisers that you can view here on Danae blog. Next, leave Danae a comment so she knows who you are and then wait to see if your name was drawn on January 1st. :)

Thank you Danae- you really are an angel.
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Happy 14th Birthday Kallan

Today we celebrate YOU- and the gift your life is my amazing son. 14 years ago you came into this world and into our lives. From the second you drew your first breath I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that your life would have great purpose. Being in the middle of a large crew isn't always the easiest spot to be- but you continue to blow us away with your compassionate heart, your love for all kinds of people, your humor and your humbleness. Thank you for always seeing the best in others and for always being willing to give so that others can have. Thank you for the grace you so freely give us all. I have learned so much from you- and I cannot wait to see what God does through your life next.
Happy 14th Birthday Kallan-I love you more than words can say.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Carson!!!

One year ago today this precious baby boy became forever ours...

I had no idea we could fall so deeply in love with you that our hearts would physically ache thinking of how close we came to missing this.

Carson, not a day goes by that I do not marvel at the fact that God allowed you to be our son. From the second you came into our family it felt as if it had always been. The bond you and Kaden share never stops amazing me, but better yet- the bond you have with all of us does as well. Every single morning, without fail, you greet me with your beautiful smile. It is, hands down, the best part of my day. Thank you, my precious son, for being exactly who you are. Thank you for handing out your sweet hugs so freely. Thank you for loving each and every one of us with complete abandonment- and for allowing us to love you the same. You are such a good, good boy and your presence in our lives has brought us more happiness than we could ever ask for. I love you Carson Christopher more than you will probably ever be able to understand...

Thank you Lord for this child~ and for giving us more than we knew to ask for.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some things make me smile

and some things make me jump up and down yell

Check out this precious family and join me in supporting them as they step out in faith to not only bring home a son from China..

but now also the daughter God showed them as well...

Two waiting children who's lives are about to be forever changed through the miracle of adoption.

Beautiful family, beautiful story- be a part of it today!!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Early this morning I sat snuggled up on the sofa. As the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights filled the room, I opened my bible to the book of Luke and began to read about Jesus birth.

Over and over the words "there was no room in the Inn" swam through my head and the Lord began to open my eyes to what He was trying to show me....

Door after door closing.

Person after person shaking their head no.

Voice after voice saying - 'we have no room'.

No room.

And I couldn't help but wonder how many of us are still doing that same thing today?

Because you see, while Jesus may not be roaming the earth today in human form looking for a place to stay-Matthew 25:45 tells us "whatever you did to the least of these, you did unto me".

Mother Teresa said it this way "Each one of them is Jesus in disguise."

Statistics tell us that there are 147 million + orphans in this world today.

A 147 million who are looking for room....

Room in our homes
Room in our hearts
And room in our lives.

If each one of them is Jesus in disguise- and we have no room for them- then have we truly made room for Jesus?

Or could it be that we have No room because those rooms are already full of things that don't really matter?

Stuff that isn't about His kingdom- but ours?

I cannot help but wonder how many of those Inn keepers ever realized that they missed the chance to be a part of the greatest miracle they would have in their lifetime?

And I cannot help but wonder how many of us still do the same today?

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