Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saying goodbye...

A couple of weeks ago while driving home from church there was a man on the corner 'giving away' Golden Retriever puppies. They have always been my favorite breed of dogs- so good with the kids, loyal and just sweet. So, we sort of caved- and decided 'why not'. The kids totally feel in love with 'Sport' and her sweet nature and had so much fun with her in our home. Roll ahead 2 weeks and on Sunday morning we woke up to our puppy who had gotten sick all over her crate. We cleaning her up, took her outside to potty and had to head out to church. When we got home she could barely lift her head. I knew in my heart she was going to die but hoped I was wrong. Literally a couple hours later she was gone.

Apparently she had been exposed to something called "Parvo" before we had brought her home. Puppies are especially susceptible. It is very contagious and often passed by sharing unclean crates with other dogs. Her little immune system just couldn't fight the disease and she died.

It feels like this past year my children have had so much loss. I hate that for them... hate to see their little broken hearts as they try to make their way through the sorrow and loss. Loosing the sibling group brought to surface many feelings and now loosing their puppy has added even more to their pain. I guess if anything we are concentrating on how precious life is- every single day, and how important it is to love people (even puppies) with all your heart while you have the chance.

“To spare oneself from grief at all cost can be achieved only at the price of total detachment, which excludes the ability to experience happiness” -- Erich Fromm

In the center of your world...

God-centered Living:

*Confidence in God;
*Dependence on God, on His abilities and provision;
*A life focused on God and His activity;
*A humility before God;
*Denial of self;
*Seeking first the kingdom of God, His righteousness;
*Seeking God's perspective on our circumstances;
*Holy and Godly living.

Self-centered Living:
*Life focused on self;
*Pride in self and personal accomplishments;
*Affirming self;
*Seeking to be acceptable to the world and it's ways;
*looking at circumstances from a human perspective;
*self and materialistic living.
(taken from Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby)
As I read over these lists it became so obvious to me how since I was very small child the world was filling my head with self-centered living. And I have to admit, on a daily basis I still get them intertwined. As I look around me and see people struggling, see people hurting, see people lost- and they cannot understand why. We are naturally self-centered people, but in living that way we will never find true happiness. It is only when we make the decision -as in DECIDE to live EVERY DAY-letting God be the center of our lives that we will finally have true inner peace and happiness. What are you going to choosing to fill your world with?
For it is God who is working in your, enabling you both to will and to act for His good purpose. Philippians 2:13

Thursday, June 25, 2009


(The following was taken from "Experiencing God- Knowing and Doing The Will of God" by Henry & Richard Blackaby and Claude King.)

"Often people approach knowing and doing God's will this way: They ask, "Lord, what do You want me to do? When do You want me to do it? How shall I do it? Where shall I do it" What will the outcome be?"
Isn't it typical of us to ask God for a detailed road map before we are willing to set out on the journey? We say, "Lord, if You would just tell me where I need to end up, then I'll be able to set my course and go." You might even decide you won't move forward until God tells you ahead of time the details of what you will face. But that is not the way God led people in Scriptures.
The Lord doesn't send us off like an errand boy. He intends to accompany us on the journey. He wants us to continually heed His voice and go with Him one day at a time. As long as we walk daily with Christ, we will always know where to be- right beside Him- and will always end up where He wants us to be.

Jesus did not say:
"I will give you the entire plan."
"I will give you a road map."
"I will tell you which direction to go and send you off."

He did say, "I am the way (John 14:6).

Jesus knows the way; He is your way.

Reflection: Are you content to follow God one day at a time, or do you become anxious if you do not know where God is leading you in the future? If so, why is that?

What He can do

All that God requires of us
is an opportunity to show what He can do.
~ A.B Simpson

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Lovin-

Had me a blast...

I absolutely love summer. I love having the kids home from school, love sleeping in, grilling out, picnics and spending time with friends and family. These past few days have been full of just that and we are loving every minute of it! On Monday we got to spend time with Kaden's foster family. We ABSOLUTELY ADORE them all. Actually, we consider them more than just friends- they are family now. Kaden gets so excited when he knows he gets to see them- well, actually we all do. Talk about precious people. Truly, the best. They will always, always have a special place in our hearts for loving Kaden before we even knew he existed. There is no way we could ever thank them enough. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!

And then today the Daddy surprised us by taking us here...

It was the pefect day- nice and hot and full of fun!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life to the fullest

18 years ago today I met the man of dreams. He was coaching my nephew in baseball and I had come to watch him play. I had no idea that day as I made my way to the baseball fields how much my life was about to change. Life is so awesome like that… you never know what is around each corner and you never know what amazing things might happen next.

Yet 18 years ago I don’t think I felt quite so optimistic… It was a time in my life when sadly I was hurting, and I was lost. I was trying to find my way in life, figure out who I was, and struggling as a single mom. I always knew there was a God- but I definitely wasn’t living like there was. I had absolutely no personal relationship with God and I am not even sure if I knew how to begin to do so. As I said, I was lost- in more ways than one.

While our story is long and there is so much I could share- so many ways in which God helped me to grow, so many ways in which He helped me to heal. The one thing that keeps coming to mind tonight- perhaps because tomorrow is Father’s Day- is what an amazing dad Todd has always been from the very beginning. I remember when we first started dating I would sit back and just watch Todd with Travis. I remember thinking there was no way anyone could ever love my son enough- no way anyone could ever love him as much as I did. I remember watching… and waiting… thinking surely I would one day catch a glimpse of him not loving my son like a biological father would… But you know what? That day never came. NEVER. There was never one single time that I ever saw Todd love or treat Travis any less because he was not his biological father. And that, made me fall in love with him even more. Yet even more than that- I knew in my heart I too wanted to love a child one day that did not come from my womb. And from that, God began to grow my passion for adoption.

As I think back now on those thoughts I find them so foreign- so odd. Of course you love your adopted children EXACTLY the same as you love your biological children… Yet back then it was just the beginning of all that the Lord had to teach me. It was just the start of the growing I would do, the changes that would take place inside of me, and the beginning of my walk with the Lord.

As I reflect back over the past 18 years I am in awe of God for every second He has blessed me with by having this man by my side. I did nothing to deserve that- and yet He allowed me this happiness anyway. And I thank you my precious husband for always supporting me, being patient with me, and believing in me. You are my best friend and from your example I have learned what real love is all about.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. " John 10:10

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dutch baby pancakes

With the kids all out of school I am sort of feeling like a short order cook. I made this yummy breakfast today though and they all gave it a thumbs up! Way better than those expensive breakfast cereals.
Dutch Baby Pancakes
9 eggs, well beaten
1 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 ts. salt
1 1/2 cups milk
Beat eggs thoroughly and add four and salt. Continue to beat and add the milk while beating. Pour into a well-buttered pan and bake for 25 minutes on 375 degrees. Serve topped with bananas and strawberries and dusted with powdered sugar.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making progress

Kaden: “Mama, I’m hungry"
Me: “How about a banana buddy?”
Kaden:”I want a hot dog!”
Me: “No Kaden, no hot dogs”
Kaden: “I want chips!”
Me: “No Kaden, no chips either”
Kaden: I want a banana!:
Me: “That's what I thought." :0)


The newest member of our family-"Sport".

Isn't she cute?"
(Now if I can just get her house broken!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One day when we look back...

This past couple of weeks have just flown by. We had lots of family coming in for our graduation celebrations. Not a lot to say here because the pictures say it best... lots of laughs, lots of hugs, tears of joy and precious memories that we will cherish forever.

Mya's Kindergarten Graduation

Travis's High School Graduation...

At the Graduation party...

Me, my sisters and my dad

Mya, Addisyn, Aleigha and Kaden

Sydney and Ali

My mama and me

Debbie, Keegan, Mya, Aleigha, Jenny, Addie, Sydney and Travis

Cayley, Addisyn and Tyler
Addie, grandpa and Sydney

Keegan, Addie, Raegan and Sydney

Mya, Tyler and Aleigha

Aleigha and grandpa

Travis and grandma

So proud of you Travis!!! Now go change your world...
Joshua 1:9 ...Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.