Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog envy


OK, I can't even believe I am putting this out there... but I have a confession to me-I have blog envy. What is blog envy you say? Well, allow me to explain.

A little over a year ago I didn't even know what a blog was... and now here I am at my first attempt to write one and I am feeling a bit down. You see, when I start reading other peoples blogs and seeing all of the cool things they are doing and writing about it makes me turn green with envy. I starting thinking to myself that I wished I was that funny... that I could pray like that... I wish my house looked like that, was clean like that... I wished I cooked healthy food like that for my family, that I could write like that, look like that, have 12 kids like that, be witty like that, go on a vacation like that, do things with my kids like that... and the list goes on and on. But the truth is- this is who I am and it's all I got. Sure there is always a chance that I might improve with time... or maybe not.

I remind myself that being envious or jealous is a sin and that is exactly what I am doing. "Abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul" 1 Peter 2:11 So, I need to focus on being thankful for who I am, how I am, and even for how I blog. This is me- take it or leave it. You can choose to do 2 things now... put me into your favorites and leave me a comment below to help build my self-esteem (so I know people are actually reading) or click the x at the top right hand of this page and surf someone else's blog. Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

I love you my friend and I love your blog...I check it two or three times a day and you always keep my interest. I think you do a great job for a newbie (no one could tell if you didn't admit it!!!) Miss you! DebbieT

Sarah said...

I not only already have you in my favorites, but you have a spot on my tool bar! No kidding. Now that better give you a boost! :) I always love your insights - keep up the good work!

Live to love and laugh said...

OK This is so funny. After reading your post on organization today and then your back post on "what I could do if I didn't have so many kids" LOL I found myself a little envious of you (in a good christian way of course :) So see I guess we all want to be something we aren't. We are too busy looking at our faults to be happy with out blessings! Hugs

Anonymous said...

I check your blog several times a day. REALLY! I love your posts and seeing pictures of your beautiful family.

Thanks for the great advice on organization. Boy, I needed that before the next kid comes home. :0)

Blessings, Michelle Riggs

Kimmie said...

Oh, that what makes the world go round (well, besides God ;-)
You are the Amy God is forming, tomorrow your shape may be different, depending on how the Potter is transforming you and what stage you are in.

I think you are perfect the way you are...if all our blogs were the same, well, lets not imagine that, as it wouldn't be good at all.

Three cheers for you and your lovely blog...happy blogging.

Remember the blog is always a dim picture of the real life and person(s) get to experience the bits -but we have to live with us ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Recovering Noah said...

Amy, you know I'm absolutely dead jealous of your blog. I.LOVE.IT.!! I think you're funny and passionate - so incredibly interesting. I check your blog several times a day and wish I could just morph into you because I think you rock! Your blog is awesome!


Anonymous said...

Amy - Your blog is GREAT!! You're on my favorites both at work and at home. When I feel like I'm overwhelmed with my one kid I think of you with your 6 and wonder how you do it. You are amazing and an inspiration. I just checked and last time I blogged was Nov 7, so you are doing WAY better than me. Keep blogging just as you are because I am enjoying every word :)

Phyllis (Kristen's blessed mom)

Unknown said...

Amy, I missed reading your blog yesterday, and I am having withdrawals! I absolutely LOVE reading it! You are such an inspiration to me, and I love EVERYTHING about you and your family! I am so thankful to be YOUR friend!
Love ya,

Sara said...

Hard to believe you have any envy, rather others look at you and your life and are simply amazed. You are such a strong Christian woman and able to touch so many lives and you have a great family. God bless you Amy!

Amy said...

You have great insight and I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Keep it coming.

Jman's momma said...

uhh, I know this is from January but I gotta say - I totally know where you are coming from. When you commented on mine yesterday, I was on cloud 9.

How silly!! :)


Anonymous said...

Even though you wrote this months ago, you have an AMAZING, God touched blog and I wouldn't want it any different!!! Ann Cox, Long Island, KS

Anonymous said...

Even though you wrote this months ago, you have an AMAZING, God touched blog and I wouldn't want it any different!!! Ann Cox, Long Island, KS

Anonymous said...

Even though you wrote this months ago, you have an AMAZING, God touched blog and I wouldn't want it any different!!! Ann Cox, Long Island, KS

Tara said...

OH MY...maybe you felt like this a few years ago, but what about now?

You are SUCH an inspiration and SO brave to even write a post like this. I was reading it going 'hey, that's me' but quickly shyed away thinking "I envy her for writing a post so brave and bold"!!!

Please continue to write what you do...I believe people are envy of YOU, my dear!!!