Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hand me downs...

Having six kids we always appreciate when someone else 'hands us down' their cute clothes. (They can keep their ugly ones-Hee/Hee) Today when I was getting Aleigha and Mya dressed I picked out an outfit for Mya that used to belong to her cousin Maddie. When I told Mya that the outfit she was about to put on used to be worn by Maddie you should have seen how proud she was. She strutted around in that outfit like she was a princess- who had just been given the greatest gift ever. We decided then and there the best thing about hand me downs was not the 'price'... it was loving the person who gave them to you more than life. Thank you Maddie- we love you!!


Recovering Noah said...

I got Nandini dressed this morning and announced to Simeon that THIS is why we shop garage sales... she looked so incredibly cute... and the whole outfit cost 50 cents (the shoes were the Dora hand-me-downs from you!).

BTW, LOVE Mya in that red beret. Ooh la la! (Eli's new saying!).


Jenny said...

What a sweet post!!!! Madison does not usually part with her clothes..she has a personal attachment with them even though they are 4 sizes too small. She say's, "They're my best friend!" Weird...I know! So the only way I can get her to let loose is to tell her it's going to Mya!!!! Then...NO PROBLEM! Love ya girls! Titi Jenny P.S, Mya you look adorable in them!!!!