Monday, January 7, 2008

Favorite Foto Fun

I have so many great pictures hidden in my computer that I thought it might be fun to share one of my favorites once in awhile. This is my oldest son, Travis. What can I say- I adore the kid. There are so many cool things about Travis but one of the things I love most about him is that he always puts on a pretense of being a 'tough' guy- strong- able to take on the world. But I, as his mother, get to see the sweet, kind, loving heart underneath the muscles. These pictures are of him when he was just a tow headed 2 years old making silly faces for the camera and then when he was 16 years old and looking 'cool'. (He's 17 now). Anyway Travis- if you are reading this (He informs me that not many teens would think it was cool to sit around reading their moms blog spot!) I want you to know that I am SO PROUD of you and I love you with all that I am! Thank you for being a wonderful big brother to your younger siblings. Your life- the choices you make each day really do effect and inspire your younger siblings. I know God has BIG plans for your future and I am blessed beyond measure to walk beside you as He unfolds His plans. Stay true to who you are- even through all the peer pressure you face at your age- and know that you are loved always by many. Some days I wish I could go back to the days when you were that tow headed 2 year old- just for a minute- yet I am so thankful for today and the time we have together here and now. I love you my son and I thank God for you daily.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Trav when he was like that. I wish he still was. Stay as wonderful as you are always Trav. God has wonderful things planned for you.

Proud G