Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend visitors

This past weekend we made it through most of the sickness in our home (isn't everyone sick right now?) and were able to spend some time with our blogger friend Laurel and family as they on the road for the next month. What a neat family! You can visit Laurel here: It was a gorgeous day out so we went to worship at a church service in the park and then shared a picnic at the playground. Beautiful day, awesome service and neat people- does it get any better than that?

Addisyn loved meeting Laurels daughter Carissa who is a missionary in Argentina. Sweet and beautiful girl. Addie hopes to be a missionary one day too so it was such a blessing hear about Carissa life and calling.
Actually all of the kids hit it off- so much fun to see these beautiful children in person finally!
And this mom's favorite thing of all was seeing this boy! Travis is doing great at college- absolutely loves it. I am so proud of him! This was the first time we have seen him since he left and boy did I ever miss him. His siblings were thrilled to have him home too. :0)
Thank you Lord for the blessing of family and friends.
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Holly said...

Amazing friends! I love how God connects us to other people that encourage and support us on our journeys! : )

Unknown said...

You know I'm totally jealous of the friends you have and get to meet! LOL!

Some day I pray the Lord blesses us to meet each other too!

I'm so glad you had the chance to meet Laurel and are feeling better!

You are so beautiful from the inside out!

Love the photo of Travis with his siblings - precious!!!

Love you,

gloria said...

Hi, amy. My name is gloria & I found your blog thru Laurel's. :) I was excited to find out you have adopted kiddos from Guatemala too! We have 10 kids, 5 thru birth and 5 adopted blessings from Guate. We lived in beautiful Antigua for almost a year. Loved every minute! Well, not the minutes we were sick with parasites, but most the minutes any ways. ;)

Look foward to reading more about your family ~ I am passionate about adoption too!

God bless from one guat adopt mama to another ~

Laurel said...

THANK YOU!!! We had a WONDERFUL time!

Laurel & the gang

Tracy said...

Seriously??? Could your kids and their matching outfits BE any cuter? One day I aspire to have my children all match and be pictured without food stuck in their hair or dirty faces. You are so a mother after my own heart.

Andrea Hill said...

Okay now, that must have been an awesome weekend and now I am jealous. We cannot let too much time go by until we meet although the distance is pretty crazy. Both, you and Laurel, are pretty amazing ladies and I bet you connected so well.

waitingarms said...

I have been following Laurel's journey and it is so much fun to see her meet most of my favorite bloggers! Your family is beautiful!