Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching up after a busy week

Been a bad blogger friend this week- sorry!! I t's kind of funny how the last time I posted it was about having a laid back week and then wouldn’t you know it- the rest of the week has been all out, full speed CRAZY. I’ve barely had time to collect my thoughts let alone put them on ‘paper’.

Football and volleyball season is in full swing so we have found ourselves on the road cheering on our players most nights. Keegan and Kal are playing football and Addisyn is playing volleyball.

Worked hard having a garage sale with a friend to raise money for the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate with us and we still have a huge garage full of things to sell. I did make $157.00 though and my sweet friend Brandy offered to let me have it at her house again next week. So, I’ll try again next week.

Mr. Kaden (age 2 yr. 11 months) also seems to be getting rather bored being the only one home with me. I’ve been trying to come up with things to keep him busy between doing adoption paperwork and attacking the mounds of laundry. We have been concentrating on learning the color RED for now. For some reason he is having a really hard time learning his colors. Any suggestions? We have marble painted with red, played with red cars in rice, made red play dough and played with red legos.

Today is day 12 of beans and rice. Of course we are getting kind of tired of them- yet at the same time I am thankful for the simplicity they have allowed- at least in the meal time preparations at our house. We’ve had a few complainers (admitting here I am one of them)- which has been a great opportunity to sit down, talk, and reflect on how truly blessed we are. I think it’s good to do that- and to have this daily reminder. Plus, what we are saving on our grocery bill has been amazing!

I’ve had a few questions bout how we are cooking our beans and rice. I have found that my kids like the pinto beans best. I soak them over night, then put them in the crock pot with some onion, garlic, and creole seasoning and cook on low all day- then I throw them in the blender. For the rice we have either brown or just white rice. Typically we either put soy sauce on them or else sometimes I throw in some cilantro and lime juice. I am trying to keep them simple with not a lot of ingredients to save on cost. (which is the whole point for us).

Still tackling the adoption paperwork- collecting documents and comparing agencies- time frames and fee's. Trying to be a good steward with the blessings God has given us. We cannot wait to see who God chooses for our family next. :0)
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Shonni said...

I has been nice doing this with your encouraging!

Donna said...

We too struggled with colors and you are doing lots more than we did. Hannah's finally came when I did not work on them any more. About 4 months later she just had them. I just don't think she was ready.
Interestingly, she is now 6 1/2 and still can't get brown, black and white. I think it has something to do with skin color! Afterall they call her 'black' and her skin is actually very brown and the call me 'white' and my skin is not very white. Confussing for a small mind don't you think!!!
Delight in Him

Holly said...

you're doing a great job with Kaden. Sometimes it just takes awhile to click.
I know you've been busy but my friend, you must stop by my blog sometime when you get a minute and look for my post from the 9th- One Word Wedensday and tell me is our God faithful?

Mike and Gail said...

When we sit down and it and the kids complain. I tell them what you guys are doing as a family. Now they know what to day before I even speak it. :D
How will you choose the family?

Thanks for sharing,

Kelli said...

That little boy is just so cute! As far as colors are concerned, looks like you're doing the right thing! If he continues to seem confused over the next few months, keep in mind that seeing red vs green is the key to determining if someone is color blind. In a couple of years, he can be tested for that. My dad was color blind and while he couldn't see shades of colors, he learned to determine what each color looked like to him and was usually right.

Andrea Hill said...

What a busy week. So proud of you that your family is still so awesome about the rice and beans. I have been talking to my family and we really haven't gotten a good answer yet but I hope to join too because for me its not a problem at all. I love the girls' cheer outfits. Cute how they wear that to the games.

paul-and-lori said...

Hi Amy,
I love following your blog and am so encouraged by what your family is doing! I couldn't help commenting after reading about your fundraising yard sale. It reminds me of the one that we had last year, only for ours the weather was great but we only raised 64.00. Go figure! We also had a whole garage full of stuff ready to sell and were pretty discouraged. It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, as my friends got busy collecting donated yard sale items to add to what we had, they had the community center donated to us and started advertising it in our community as a fundraiser for our adoption. Our second yard sale raised almost $3000.00 in funds for our aadoption and probably would never of happened if not for the first being such a flop. Praying your second one works out better!

Unknown said...

Check out my homeschool blog for some ideas to keep him busy and to have fun together!

Praising God for your obedience with the rice and beans and how it is teaching all of you about sacrifice!

Praising God for the child He already has for your family!

Big hugs and much love,

Dardi said...'re getting your money's worth outta the rice! Race cars, then dinner! lol ;o)

My kiddos always responded well to learning colors with M&M's. Does that make me a bad mommy?? Punkie seems to be stuck on pink right now!

I was amazed at our yard sale. I didn't think we really had anything, but we prayed about it. We had people all day & ended up making $340. Now if I could just find the time to box everything up...I hear you about being busy!! But I love it! Wish I lived by you so we could get Punkie & Kaden together to play!!! I'm already lobbying Joe to do a conference in your neck of the woods..........

James 1:27 Family said...

Looks like Kaden's having a blast to me! I wouldn't worry about the colors just yet. He'll either catch on when he's ready or you can have him tested for color blindness in a couple years.

I know the adoption paper mess... we're in it too. Can't wait to hear about your new little one.

Much love to your sweet family!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Did not know you were working on your own adoption as well- YEAH!!!!! How exciting!!!!! That is sooo awesome...another child will have a home :) Makes my heart smile!!!!! WE just got matched to a waiting child and are over the moon!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

My family loves the pre packaged Mahatma Authentic Spanish rice. It is inexpensive and feeds my family of 8 with a bit left over. It's easy to make (microwaveable) and goes great with beans and tortillas.

HouseOfSmooches said...

My 4 year old also has trouble with colors. So instead of focusing on "what color is this" we focus on matching colors....which he LOVES. He's totally into puzzles, so matching colors is like a puzzle. He now can identify most colors but still has some trouble with Blue and Green.

BTW, your little daughters are so beautiful :)

HouseOfSmooches said...

My 4 year old also has trouble with colors. So instead of focusing on "what color is this" we focus on matching colors....which he LOVES. He's totally into puzzles, so matching colors is like a puzzle. He now can identify most colors but still has some trouble with Blue and Green.

BTW, your little daughters are so beautiful :)

Karin said...

Thanks for the rice and beans recipe! :) My kids agreed to do this once a week. This will be our first week, so we'll see how they do with it. :)

I am excited to see who God has chosen for your family!!!

Adeye said...

I am sooooo excited to see what God has in store for your family next. What an exciting adventure :) Who is your newest blessing???? I have such a heart of expectation for you.

Love and hugs

Sha Zam- said...

Some kids aren't totally interested in colors. I go back and forth thinking maybe they are just bored with it or that they are ignoring me. Either way.. the small things stick in their little brains. "Here is your green apple". "I love your brown hair". Please pick up the red legos" etc. Then again... I was going to suggest the color blind thing too but it is a bit early to test really...

Janet said...

Amy--one of mine did not learn his colors until age 5. Drove me crazy! I quizzed him like crazy at one point. Then one day it was like a light switch turned on in his brain and he got them all.
Don't stress, he'll get it when he get's it. BTW-- the boy I speak of above, has near genius IQ and will be going to college with some don't worry.

nates5bs said...

We began eating beans, rice and a lukewarm cup of water 1x/week as we prepared to go to Haiti. Now that we're home we have continued it. It cracks me up that my kids actually love beans & rice night. I hear no complaining from them, but I really like the idea of taking it a step further by putting the money towards an adoption. You've given me something to meditate on to see how we could make it work to benefit others.

That Fresh Feeling said...

have you used any of the cheap goya seasoning on them? It is soo good. I highly recommend it and it lasts awhile too!