Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have always wanted to be able to sew. But, the good Lord did not bless me with that talent- even in the smallest of ways.

I always dreamed of sewing adorable, unique outfits for my kids and everyone would stop and ask me where I bought them and gush over how cute they were. :)

So, when I saw this blog and what this sweet adoptive mama made- I actually drooled on my keyboard (Not a pretty thought I know). But seriously, aren't they adorable? I can just see my girls in these!
This mama got her some talent!!! Go check out her stuff- you will be glad you did! :) Oh and 10% goes to different charities like Mayan Families. How cool is that?

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Unknown said...


I can't sew either :-)

Love you,

KGChrissy said...

I don't know if you heard about this website/blog but, she creates amazing dresses for little girls as well

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet post Amy! I love being able to create sweet outfits to help other sweet people who need it through out our world. I appreciate your plug! Just a reminder that 50% goes to Mayan Families through this week, plus 15% off your order!

Many Blessings Amy!!
Hugs, Amy