Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Does this day seem to be really long or is it just me? I keep looking at the clock... and it's hardly moving. What is up with that?
I have been emailing back and forth with our caseworker, Lisa, who is representing us today for Sweet E and Baby D. I have to tell you- I LOVE the girl. She is fantastic and knows her job well. I don't know how we have always been so blessed with the greatest caseworkers in this world. First we had Tami and Jynger from Dillon, International. Hello- could they come ANY sweeter? They were amazing- so caring and I honestly couldn't have made it through our 'first' adoption experience without them. Then came Felis from Special Delivery. She ROCKS. I am always telling her I want to be her- the girls got heart, compassion and soul. I keep trying to think of some way I could inch my way into her family... hey, I know- maybe they could adopt me???
Ok- back to staring at the clock. I really think perhaps I need to change the batteries in it or something- this day is taking forever!


Michelle Riggs said...

Brent and I are praying for you today. We will be glued to your blog!

Sarah said...

I'm praying for you!!!

C said...

Was shot over your way from Leslie. I'm on pins and needles. I just got a call from the state today, as we're starting the process again (hopefully a sibling group this time around).

So exciting, and so NERVE WRACKING, all at the same time. I'm praying for my new blog friend, Amy, today, and her entire family (including those that will be entering it! yea!).