Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pizza anyone???

Our oldest son, Travis, got a new job at our local pizza place! He is really seeming to like it so far. Now let me tell you, getting a 17 year old to let me take his picture holding a 'frozen pizza' for my blog was no easy task. I had to pull out the old trick of "honey, it would really mean the world to grandma and grandpa to see a picture of you... they are getting old ya know and don't get to see you that often'. (Sorry mom and dad- but it worked!)
Travis is working for a really awesome family from India. He said they are so fun to work for. His 2nd night of working and delivering pizza his boss informed him (insert thick Indian accent) "you see child come to door with money you know you get no tip". LOL So basically people send their children to the door to pay the pizza delivery dude so they do not have to stand face to face to him and not give him a tip. Oh my... sad but probably very true. Pepperoni anyone?


Angel said...

That is so funny. Kid=no tip.... SO WRONG! Ya learn something knew every day. LOVE the picture though. Hee hee. Angel

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy!!! But seriously if Trav brings me a pizza I'll give him a big tip. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, iam from Holland.
I have seven brothers and six sisters.
This morning I discovered your blog by accident.
I can not stop reading,it reminds me of the way of raising my mother
It reminds me of old ..
my siblings are my best friends my whole life has been
My parents tried to raise us to honor God.. All fourteen!
Now we're older and we take our education with us.
To Romania, Australia, Ethiopia, etc.
We are still very close!
and after I've read, I realize that I have thanked God too little for all my blessings in life

May God protect you and your family
love from a 27 year old girl from Netherlands, Petra