Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Miracle of Adoption Family (1)

One of the greatest gifts about adoption (besides of course the beautiful children) is the friendships I have made along the way with other adoptive families. I've decided it might be to fun to 'share' some of the cool adoptive families I know with you all. I am sure you will find them as amazing as I do. Today I am going to share with you the "L" family. We actually were blessed by this families friendship before they adopted and had the privilige of following along on their adoption journey with them. Their journey was long- and of course included many road blocks along the way- but God was faithful and filled their arms and their hearts with 2 of the most beautiful children I have ever seen in my life. And not only are the gorgeous- but they fit into this family perfectly. I am so proud of this family- and honored to be in their lives. It is hard to not live close to them anymore- and even harder yet to have never had the opportunity to meet their new children face to face. But I will be forever grateful for their friendship. Their son Taz came home at age 3 and Addalyn came home at 5 months- both from Ethioipia. Isn't God great?
Lord, once again I thank you for adoption... and the friendships you have blessed us with along the way. I ask for your protection over the 'L' family as they face the challenges of raising their children in the world today. Bless this precious family and give them the peace that only you can give. They love you Lord and because of that they have touched the lives of so many. Psalm 119:165 says "Great peace have those who love the law; nothing can make them stumble." Lord let your peace reign daily, no matter what circumstances they face.

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Heather said...

We, too, are so thankful for your friendship and feel blessed to be able to call you our friends. Thank you for your awesome example and for introducing us to international adoption. What wonderful gifts our children are! All of them...most days! :)
We love you all---Heather