Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things that make me smile

Okay- seriously, I have THE GREATEST friends. All different kinds of friends... friends who 'get me', and friends who think I am nuts. Friends who are there when I need them and friends who are miles away and still there when I need them. Friends who have lent me their shoulders to cry on and friends who make me laugh so hard my belly hurts. My friend Mrs. Bonk- well, she has pretty much done it all. This though- this pretty much did me in. I mean seriously, who would think this up... all alone, hidden in their room dodging their husband so he doesn't think they have completely lost their mind -for the sake of a great blog post?
And American Idol people- if you happen to be blog readers in your spare time- you GOTTA SEE THIS! http://morebonkiesplease.blogspot.com/2009/05/oh-karalets-talk-about-that-hair.html

Mrs. Bonk- you always make me smile. :0)


Unknown said...

That was funny thanks for sharing!

Let's catch up via email and I can share why I believe God has me on your heart! I love how He does that!!! Thanks for praying for me and us! We need it :)

He does that with you all of the time :) I love how He has woven our lives together.

Lots of love,

Room For More said...

OKAY...hmmm....somehow you failed to mention WHY you were linking me. Ahem.

Do you think your children will ever talk to me again????


Chantelle said...

Amy! Thanks for giving us a heads up on Mrs. Bonk! She's FABULOUS! :)