Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For a little while now I have felt that no matter how hard or how often I am seeking God- I just cannot hear Him. I have spent a lot of time walking, praying, and listening… but for some reason I am just left scratching my head in confusion. I hear nothing. We’ve been knocking on doors- but none have opened. So, we continue to pray, continue to seek, and continue to listen- to silence. It almost becomes deafening… and yet something inside my heart is stirring… I have a sense that He is working in us… that His plans are being made… and they are plans that we could have never imagined. It’s an odd feeling really- and yet strangely I am excited. Being a Christian, serving God, letting Him have my life completely is the greatest joy in this world. Today I found this devotion in my inbox…. So perhaps I finally have heard from Him today. :0)

The Place of Nothingness
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2,
by Os Hillman05-25-2009

"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10)

Do you find yourself in a place of nothingness? There is a time and place in our walk with God in which He sets us in a place of isolation and waiting. It is a place in which all past experiences are of no value. It is a time of such stillness that it can disturb the most faithful if we do not understand that He is the one who has brought us to this place for only a season. It is as if God has placed a wall around us. No new opportunities - simply inactivity.

During these times, God is calling us aside to fashion something new in us. It is a place of nothingness designed to call us to deeper roots of prayer and faith. It is not a comfortable place, especially for a task-driven workplace believer. Our nature cries out, "You must do something" while God is saying, "Be still and know that I am God." You know the signs that you have been brought into this place when He has removed many things from your life and you can't seem to change anything. Perhaps you are unemployed. Perhaps you are laid up with an illness.
Many people live a very planned and orchestrated life where they know almost everything that will happen. But for people in whom God is performing a deeper work, He brings them into a time of quietness that seems almost eerie. They cannot see what God is doing. They just know that He is doing a work that cannot be explained to themselves or to others.

Has God brought you to a place of nothingness? Be still and know that He really is God. When this happens, your nothingness will be turned into something you will value for the rest of your life.


Holly said...

I love your faith Amy.
Faith says "even though I cannot see with my physical eyes, I will believe. Even though I cannot hear with my physical ears, I will believe. Even when I cannot sense the Lord's direction or get a clue what He's working on, I trust that He IS working and it's all for a good purpose...so I will believe and wait on Him."
He has so much for you beloved.

GlitteryKitchenTable said...

Thank you so much for this. This is where I am at too. I may post this on my blog also. Thank You!!!

Tessa said...

Thank you for this post. I completely agree that living a life that is completely in God's hands is the greatest joy. It is exciting and breathtaking. It is complete surrender to the One who knows it all and has the most amazing plans for us. I have been in state of stillness for a long time, waiting for another child ... and I know that when God reveals His plan for us ... we are going to be left speechless!

Laurel said...

Great thoughts. Thanks for sharing this devotion. I'm so glad that the Lord spoke to you through it.

Our family is in a time of seeking new direction from the Lord. We all feel it, as a family (even all of the adult children) ... God has something NEW and EXCITING for us. But, we have no idea what it is.

We are, also, being still and knowing (and trusting) God in the quietness.

Laurel :)

Unknown said...

Amy - praying you through the "nothingness" knowing there is something coming!

Patience through faith inherits the promises of God!

Love and hugs,

JG said...

Wow, I really needed to see this today. Thank you so much for posting this.

Lisa H. said...

You did it again! Hit me RIGHT where I am. Thank you!

Lisa H.

PS. It helps a little to know I have company! :o)

Lisa H. said...

You did it again! Hit me RIGHT where I am. Thank you!

Lisa H.

PS. It helps a little to know I have company! :o)

Andrea Hill said...

God will speak sooner or later. I am glad you are waiting on him. Yes, I have been in that place of nothingness and it seemed it never ended but it finally did.

Carey said...

Thanks, I needed this!

Pedro and Felis Patlan said...

Thank-you Amy...that is just what I needed to hear also...like many others.

Blessings to you and your whole family.

Karen said...

This spoke to me too. Thank you for sharing. I have been in this position since February and have wondered what God is trying to teach me. I spend time trying to figure it out but I have started to realize, even before this post, that I am NOT supposed to figure it out. I simply need to let Him BE GOD. This post helps cement for me that I need to be quiet and still.

Anonymous said...

Maybe God is speaking to you. Maybe he's telling you that you deserve to rest awhile. :)