Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just in case you didn't know...

In case you are one of those stuck back in the 80's... thought I'd take this moment to enlighten (educate) you.
Trust me, the hair has gotta go (you know as in BE DONE WITH IT) and SO DOES THE STIGMA- the stigma, that is, associated with what you 'heard' about HIV in the 80's.

HIV CANNOT, CANNOT, CANNOT be transmitted through casual contact. Got it? You are not in ANY danger of getting it from the guy up the street, the guy on the street, the kid in the church nursery, the guy in your dorm or your friend who just found out. Educate yourself and educate others. It's time.

HIV Transmission: Can HIV be transmitted through casual contact?


Unknown said...




HUGS and praying you are having a blessed holiday weekend!
Give your family some love from ours!!!

Andrea Hill said...

Ha, the hair looks good!!! Anyways, what is even more sad that the nurses and doctors at the hospital in even more denial. They are so uneducated, its scary. So when Amira had her eye surgery they were wearing gowns and gloves so they wouldn't catch HIV. They were wearing cloves when they did her heart beat. Sick stuff. But all we can do is preach and preach and preach.... This just have got to stop!!! Great post, girl!

Chantelle said...

Preach it, sista! I love it!!! The 80's hair connection is genius too! :) I'm doin' a happy dance. Thank you for linking to my site too! ((hug))

A. Gillispie said...

Oh! My! Word! PERFECT! Totally linking to this from my blog. Genius.


No Greater Gift Mom said...

Okay, this post is so funny yet so terribly serious!! Thank you for a good laugh as well as an "in your face" post.
In Him,

Anonymous said...

amen sister!!!!!!

Pam said...

Great Post!!

I am totally sure that guy in the first picture graduated the year before me! :)

Laurel said...

Great post! We must get the word out.

A friend of mine was taking care of a baby from Haiti, while he was in the US for surgery. When she went to put him in the church nursery, they refused him. (And, they attended a church that didn't allow little ones in the main service. So, my friend was told to sit in the foyer.)

The pastor came to my friend and said, "I'm sure you understand. People might be afraid that their children will get HIV."

But ... guess what ... this child didn't even have HIV. He was refused because he was black, and from another country, so the assumption was made that he would be HIV positive.

I was DISGUSTED by this local church.

Yes ... my friend changed churches very quickly.


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