Thursday, May 21, 2009

REAL American Idol

While I am absolutely thrilled that Kris is the new American Idol (Sorry Adam, the black fingernails and loads of eyes liner just don't line up with what I want my kiddo's to 'idolize')I also wanted to take a moment to focus on the real American Idols and say a huge thank you to all of those who serve our country. As we enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day weekend lets not forget that our freedom came with a price- and it was not cheap. So thank you to all the service men and women, as well as their families, who have given so much. We love you and appreciate you- and in our eyes, you are the REAL American hero's!!! Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day!


No Greater Gift Mom said...

AMEN!! Let's all remember who the true heros are this weekend!
In Him,

Unknown said...




off to watch "that" video :)

Chantelle said...


(Oh and I was pretty disappointed in Kris actually. Perfect opportunity last night for him to say a word about God or some kindof testimony, but nada.) :(

Anonymous said...

Even though I really like Adam - I do have to say that I TOTALLY agree with the "Real" American Idol!

Holly said...

oh thank you Amy. As we prepare for another deployment, this really blesses my heart. So much work, sacrifice behind the scenes so that our country can enjoy peace, security and prosperity.

From Diapers To Dorms said...

Thank you. We definitely appreciate the support of the public when we do get it. (-:

Stacey said...

Amy, What a great reminder. I know I will be praying for our service men and women and their families this weekend.
God Bless You,

Unknown said...

Thank you for your reminder.
My husband returned from Iraq with PTSD and has been suffering from hearing one too many "Happy Memorial Days"..However well, intentioned, this statement haunts him and those who lost a loved one.