Monday, March 3, 2008

The stuff

I am finding that a lot of 'stuff' goes into preparing for a seventh child. For one- our vehicle was already full with the eight of us. (We drive a Yukon which I absolutely LOVE). And because I love my Yukon and am not at all interested in another car payment or paying the gas for a 15 passenger- we found this awesome extra seat you can buy that is safety regulated and fits right into our Yukon. And get this- a couple of our kids are already excited about riding in this new rear facing seat! Ahhh, bring back memories of the station wagon we had growing up. Anyway- Todd and I ordered our new seat today and I can't wait to get it. If you want to check it out the website is And, now we even have room for an extra friend!
Another little project we have been keeping busy with is adding on a bedroom for Kaden, as well as expanding our eating area to accommodate a family our size. It was already a bit squishy to begin with so adding in another chair at the table would be impossible. God has also taken care of that little detail and a man from our church volunteered to add on the bedroom and expand our eating area for $600!!!! What a huge, huge blessing. Really, I was ok with being squished- but this is such a gift. God is good. He is going to start working this Saturday so hopefully everything will be pretty much in place by the time Kaden moves in with us on the 28th of March. There have been other little blessings along the way as well where we have really seen and felt the hand of God confirming that our decision was correct. But there has also been some challenges-some hurtful comments and some issues dealing with Kaden's special need. Through these challenges we praise God. The hard times are never fun, but I know when times are tough we lean on God even more and change the most. That is always a blessing. We have made a commitment to Kaden and a commitment to follow God at all cost. The day we said yes to God, we let Him have our life completely for His use. Commitment requires sacrifice- sacrifice of time, money, and self. But in return God blesses you in ways and bring you more joy than you could ever imagine.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. " John 10:10


Anonymous said...


Couldn't resist commenting....We've been squished into a minivan and had one more person than seat belts since Peter came home...It's been ok, because our oldest son is away at college. We'd been looking at cars and trying to decide what to buy, and had in mind a 2000 Yukon XL. About 6 weeks ago, a friend from church came to us and told us that they felt like God wanted them to give us their car, because they'd bought a new one....It was a 2000 Yukon XL! It was one factor in Brad knowing we should adopt again....Now he'll have a heart attack when I show him the link and tell him how many more kids will fit into it! ;o)

Lisa H.

Wendi said...

all of you are so funny! that is a pretty cool solution - one my husband would be happy to see, as we had been talking about eventually having to buy a suburban to fit people and belongings - do they have extra seats for suburbans, too?

too cool on the home additions blessing! and wonderful confirmation that you guys are walking the right direction.

Jenny said...

I wanna ride in the back!!!! But only if I can eat Cracker Jacks! Titi

Anonymous said...

I'm sure others will learn from your "stuff" suggestions. It's something we all should do. Enjoyed this blog immensely today.