Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things happening

So yes it turned out to be a pretty long weekend. Thank you to all of you who wrote and asked about Addisyn- just knowing you cared meant the world to her. She did not make it out for the cheer squad. It was one of those teachable moments though where you help your child to learn to praise God- even in unanswered prayer. She was broken hearted- and so of course my mother's heart was too, but I was also proud of Addie for the character she displayed. She congratulated those who made it and hugged those who did not. It was hard- but one of those lessons in life that we all have to endure at one time or another. I caught her a couple of times this weekend, out of habit, silently walking around 'doing the motions to her cheer' - then I would see her stiffen and get a sad look in her eye and make herself stop. Life just doesn't always go the way we wish- but I know that when God closes one door he will open another. Volleyball season is just around the corner- it's all good. And life goes on...
Here is a quote for you Addie cakes.
Success is to be measured, not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles he has overcome.

Tomorrow Todd and I go to meet with Kaden's caseworker, our caseworker and all the others involved in his case for his Presentation. After that is over we will set up our first visits with him- I cannot wait to meet my baby boy! It has taken everything I have to remain calm through this wait. Just the thought of those soft baby cheeks and hearing his giggle for the first time is making me crazy! It's almost here!!! Luckily we have been extra busy with the work on our house and everything else we have been doing to get ready for him- not to mention just plain old life with six other kids. Sometimes busy is good, but once Kaden is home I am going to make sure that things slow down so we can spend lots of time getting to know our precious new son.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're optimistic about things slowing down. With 7 kids and a new baby, I don't know if that's optimistic or wishful thinking. Here's to some quiet moments of mommy and baby time! :)