Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gone private...

So ya, I had to go private on my blog today... I really didn't think it was too big of a deal because I am not even sure if anyone is out there reading it anyway. But now I will know who 'could be' reading it (WA HA HA HA HA) So what happened was this. I showed my caseworker Kaden's video and she cried and loved it. Then she showed Kaden's caseworker who cried and loved it. So she showed her supervisor who loved it (not sure if she cried) hee/hee but she said that we could not have it on You Tube because of privacy. Now, after we were chosen for Kaden, I asked his caseworker if I could share his picture with others and she said yes because he was already on a news video and he was already on an adoption photolisting site for the state of Texas. They shared some pretty private info on those if you ask me and used his real birth name. So, I went ahead and shared new pictures. Well, she found out today that she was wrong and said that we had better take the video off of you tube until his adoption is final. (She did say I was allowed to share it as long as it was private and not the world wide web). So- I decided that my blog also contained 'pictures and information about him publicly' so that I had better make that private as well for now. Boring story- nothing too excited- but we just want to do whatever is best for Kaden. His case was a high profile case- meaning that it was in the newspapers several times and there were people arrested and investigations done on a well know facility. So, while we are not at all afraid of his birth family seeking him out- we do want to keep his privacy and protect him. There you have it. I'm feeling really 'private' right now. :0)

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