Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ever since we brought home Aleigha from Guatemala she has had her special blanket. She was given many beautiful blankets to choose from- but it was obvious from the start that the fluffy blanket with the yellow duck was immediately her favorite. It was so special to her that she refers to it as her “special blankie” and she sleeps with it every night. Not only does she sleep with it, but if she is sick, skins her knee, gets into a fight with her sister, feels sad or is just tired and needs to rest- she clings to her special blankie. In it she finds security. As adults we understand that there is no real security in that special blanket- and yet, don’t we do that exact same thing? Don’t we find false security in things of this world… our looks, our job, our influence, or our checkbook? We build fences and walls, we install burglar alarms and buy big ugly dogs that growl at strangers. All in the name of security.

But did you know that God wants to be your special blanket? God wants us to need him. Did you know he is waiting for you to run and find him when you are sad, sick, hurting or afraid? Did you know that he wants to wrap himself around you and let you find security in him and only Him? He wants you to fall asleep at night clinging to Him. Instead of picking up the phone and calling a friend who you know will ‘validate your feelings of being wronged’- God wants you to talk to him first, to look to him and only Him for guidance and direction. Build your life in Him.
What are you putting your security in today?

Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2


Live to love and laugh said...

What a fantastic analogy. I enjoyed reading it.
Ann still has her special "binkie" and she is 16.5! It is tucked away for special times.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little innocent(?)face. All of you are so blessed to have each other. And happy birthday to her sweet Mama.

Angel said...

Precious little girl. Precious analogy. Precious post. :0) Angel

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
You don't know me but I work with your sweet sister Jenny. I just wanted to wish you a "Happy Birthday". May you have a very blessed day. I know you will with all the people around you that love you and besides with God on your side how can you not be blessed.
Elaine Ayers