Monday, June 14, 2010

Creativity with what you have

I confess to not being the most creative person in the world. But raising a large family sometimes means we have to be. Awhile back Aleigha and Mya fell in love with these shoes.

I am not one to run right out and purchase everything my kids want- but I did think they were kind of cute too and the girls were in need of new shoes. The problem was our clothing budget didn't allow for 2 pairs of shoes in that price range (thank you Dave Ramsey). So, we had to get creative and make our own.

What we ended up with were these...
two happy little Guatemalan girls, 2 pairs of shoes for $8.00 each and some quality bonding time.

It breaks my heart to see so many families living in debt now a days. Trust me we have been there done that- and made our share of mistakes. I think often times we are tricked into believing that we have to have it all and do it all- to be happy.

Trust me again- things do not bring happiness.

Todd and I, plus 9 kids live on one average income. We decided some time back that we didn't want to live in debt any longer -instead we wanted to be able to serve God the way we felt called. It had become too easy to us to make the excuse that we didn't have anything to give- but hard for us to realize it was because we were overspending- on ourselves.

Todd and I have learned to see money in such a different way. We now see each and every dollar as a seed-we can either spend in on ourselves (and more worthless 'stuff') or we can sow it on others and see God's kingdom grow.

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7

It took a long time for us to learn- a long time for us to see the difference between our needs and our wants. But God in all his goodness is patient and faithful and we are learning more with each day. We are definitely not keeping us with the Jones- and I love that. Love that we are who we are- love that we live simple and that feels good.

Thank you God for showing us a creative way to enjoy the blessings you have given us-without the stress of debt. You are so good.
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Unknown said...


Love you and those precious girls of yours!


Kathleen said...

Living without debt is such freedom. ( We love Dave Ramsey too!!) We too have a regular size income for six people to live on but we love watching God meet our needs as we serve and meet the needs of others. I am reading a book right now called Living with Less so that Your Family Can Have More by Jill and Mark Savage. It is a great read!

Laurel said...

Great post! I know so many that need to hear these words of encouragement.

We would never have been able to step into full-time ministry this year, if we had been living in the typical debt cycle. We have a mortgage, but no credit cards and no car loans.

It is a true blessing to be able to do what the Lord calls you to do, because you have chosen to live simply ... whether it is a call to adoption ... a call to full-time ministry ... a call to support missionaries ... many people cannot step into the call of God when they are saddled with debt.

Laurel :)

Dardi said...

I think you are very creative!! I will have to remember that one for when Kaya gets a little bigger.

Funny you brought this up b/c I have been fussing about finding a barber for our little Ethiopian prince, but I cut all the other fellas' hair (including Joe's). When I got the clippers out over the weekend, K'Tyo was all about getting in on the action. I realized I could learn, & it ended up being a good mommy/son time. It turned out fine, & he was so tickled that he got his hair cut by Mommy just like brothers. Simple things can equal special moments, & they are much more economical, too!

Rachel Goode said...

The ones they made are even cuter than the ones they wanted to buy!

Melinda said...

Love this Amy! WE are unfortunetly in debt currently but have plans to be debt free but our house in 18 mo. it stinks and I feel the weight of it daily, but of course you can't change it overnight. I too love Dave Ramsey and actually taught FPU a couple years ago, too bad we didn't learn our lessons then. I see how much more effective we could be without this debt not only in our own adoptions, but helping others adopt as well. Makes me want to work that much harder.

liv said...

Love Dave Ramsey too, and your blog - just found it!

Sha Zam- said...

Thank you for sharing this! It is nice to hear from someone who's beliefs on finances match with their actions. I.. am not one of them.

Unknown said...


I couldn't agree more. We are to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. In return, He will provide for ALL of our needs.

I walked away from home with budget in hand before Q and I got married and I have stuck to it ever since. Writing down even the smallest purchases. I am convinced that good budgeting, stewardship, tithing, and God's grace have enabled us to live on one income, pay our bills on time EVERY month, and never ask or want for anything. God is so good!!!

Love ya!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN! What we need is really sooo different!

Andrea Hill said...

Working on it as we speak; thanks to you. It seems its going to slow but its going and that is what is important. At least we are not back tracking anymore. I was thinking the same this weekend though, I had my two girl sort of all matched up and they were the cutest things and every little piece on them were hand me downs except for the shoes.

Kimberlie said...

I hear ya about the debt. Paul and I were just joking the other day that once we quit adopting, we will get out of debt. I know for a fact that Dave Ramsey would say "don't adopt until you can pay cash" but we wouldn't have our children then. (we will have 4 by the end of this year) We have gone into debt with each adoption. We don't know why God hasn't provided in other ways, but we do have the resources to take on debt, and maybe others don't, so there we are. It is a bit stressful, but we know it's just a season. We are applying for grants, and maybe this time we will get one or two, but we're OK with the debt.

But BOY, I can not wait to get "gazelle intense" when this last little one comes home! :)

Kimberlie said...

By the way, love the pink tennies! Your girls are so beautiful and will look just as fab in those $8 shoes as they would have in the pricey Sketchers. I used to buy pricey Sketchers for my boys, then they would go ahead and outgrow them in 2-3 months flat. What was I thinking?!?

Adeye said...

AMEN and AMEN!!!! We live the same way, my friend. It is FREEING!!! Gosh, those are just the cutest shoes for $8...can't beat that!

Kristine said...

WOW Amy!! Haven't checked your blog in a LONG time. Congrats on your new daughter!! So glad another agency worked out for you :) Blessings to you! I will try not to stay away for so long. You may have another kid. LOL :)

darci said...

those shoes rock! :)