Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When THANK YOU seems so small. (Virtual Baby Shower)

First of all, I want to give fair warning that as I am writing this I am on the verge of tears (again) so I am full aware that if there is any snot on my keyboard when I finish this post I cannot blame my kids this time (see post below).

I had asked Angel to send me the list of individuals who contributed to our Virtual Baby Shower because it really meant a lot to me to be able to thank each one of you personally (and if I missed you by chance it wasn't because I didn't try- I actually had 2 come back as undeliverable so I am going to hand write one to you). Anyway- I know that was a TON of work for Angel to do, keep track of, etc, etc and I want to say publicly how blessed I am to have such an amazing friend. For those of you who have never met Angel in person, trust me- she really is as she appears on her blog. ALL HEART. The REAL DEAL. ONE OF A KIND. An ANGEL. :0) And for her conspirators-Holly and Carolyn- the same thing. REAL. You inspire me and I love you guys!!!

As I opened each individual email from the contributors I couldn't help but to sit at my computer and let the tears flow...

Honestly- I. Am. Blown. Away.

Person after person who took the time to reach out and care about us- a family that many of them have never met in person or never even heard of at all before.

Person after person who do know us and still loved us anyway. ;0)

Person after person who worked hard for their money but gave of themselves, gave freely, and were willing to be God's hands and feet.

Person after person who I sat and prayed for individually and thanked God that there are people like that walking on this earth today...

Person after person who have a life, inevitably have faced trials and hardships in their lives, but still has faith and belief in the miracles of our God.

Person after person who I prayed that God would bless tenfold...

Person after person who have their own lives, their own dreams- and yet they took the time to encourage us and ours...

Person after person who forever changed our lives.

So while thank you really does seem so small in comparison to what YOU have given- may God bless you today and always for your hearts, your compassion and your willingness to ACT.



Dannon said...

This is my first visit to your blog via another blog and thought I would comment. I love your big family! I am also a mother via the wonderful world of adoption. My husband and I do not have any biological children, however current have 4 children we have either adopted or currently foster. We have adopted our oldest 2 children who were previous foster children of ours. Due to them being 17 and 20 when we adopted them, we did not change their names. We did however add a family middle name for each of them and each of them take pride in that name. Our 13 month old we have had since he was 3 months old and we are close to finalizing his adoption. We did change his name and used his birth name as his middle name. I look forward to following your growing family. If I had it my way, I would have as many children as you! My husband however worries about enough space for everyone! We are currently remodeling to create another bedroom and have plans to add on next year so maybe we will get to grow with the house! :) Good luck with your new children!

Mary Ann said...

Amy, God will always take care of you and your family! He has asked us to care for the orphans and that is exactly what you are doing! You are such an inspiration to me!! We have 5 kids, 2 were adopted from Guatemala, and I truley would love to adopt more!
But don't think hubby is on board yet! May God continue to bless your family with every thing that you will need to take care of 12 kiddos!

{marie} said...

i stumbled across your blog the other night and just wanted to tell you how inspiring your family and story is to me. i couldn't have read about it at a better time. we have been looking into adoption for several years and it wasn't until i shared your story with my husband that he actually sat down and hand wrote his entire autiobiography last night when i came home from work. i shared a link to your blog on my blog. i hope that is o.k....i have a 16 year old son who reminds me a lot of yours and a 12 year old daughter. i think my hubbys big fear was "starting over" with a family at our age (41 and 38)....i would love to sit down and have a coffee and chat about your story. oh wait, i live in oregon. i can dream can't i? thank you so much!