Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekends with seven

Often I am asked how we do it with seven kids... Honestly, I don't even know how to answer that. We just do life. This weekend though I thought I'd just show you. It's definately busy- but always lots of fun!

Posing for pictures for our crazy mom who always has her camera!

Sweet Kallan

Making our own night at the movies on our living room floor

Kallan building his fire in the pit


Addisyn mowing our yard

My honey

Kaden eating the chocolate out of his S'more

Addisyn posing for a picture

Aleigha playing in her playhouse in the backyard

Our dog Makela

Mya hanging out at the fire pit

Aleigha at our small town festival

Todd working in the garden (Yeah- something is actually growing in there!)

Mya, Aleigha and Addisyn taking a break

Mya and Keegan sitting on the new picnic table Keegan made me at school for Mother's Day (I love it!)

Kaden enjoying his popcycle

Kallan exploring on our land

Kaden's sticky mess

More fun at the fire pit! (Sure beats cooking inside!)

Aleigha enjoying her S'more

Travis and his girlfriend Cayley at the festival

Mya sliding at the festival

Addie, Kaden and Mya having fun

Aleigha and Mya going for a ride at the festival

Mya eating ice cream

Kaden, Mya and Aleigha in the sand box (they will play in there for hours!)

Kaden being a ham as always

4 hams

sister secrets


Recovering Noah said...

I LOVE those pictures, Amy! My gosh, I just saw your kids a month ago... how come they've grown so fast?? Must be all those smores. lol. I think we'll have to come over and join you sometime. :-)

P.S. LOVE the pics of Kaden!

Sara said...

fun pictures!

Elizabeth said...

Those are great pictures. I have never thought about doing a weekend picture albulm....good idea.

Angel said...

Your 7 are wonderful. Hugs, Angel