Friday, May 16, 2008

Middle school dance

Tonight was Addisyn’s turn- the middle school dance. Once again, the memories (or should I say nightmares) start flooding back. I almost break into a sweat as I let myself go back in time…sitting in my room, wondering if I am going to be wearing the same thing everyone else does (God forbid you stand out and be different in 6th grade!) and calling each one of my friends at least 15 times just to make sure. Then my mind would shift and I would start to worryand wonder if any boys would ask me to dance... or if I even want them to? Oh those were the days… Addisyn looked so cute in her green and brown dress and we spent an hour on her hair. I think the end results were pretty darn cute.
But honestly, she didn’t have to worry a bit about any boys asking HER to dance...

Because with brothers like this- they wouldn't stand a chance anyway! Have fun tonight Addie- and don’t look over your shoulder- your brothers will be watching!


Jenny said...

Addisyn...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Tell the MIB to chill and let you have fun! Love you! Titi

Recovering Noah said...

That is hysterical!!! Definitely save that picture and frame it. Too funny!!

Addie looks beautiful in her dress. Can't wait to hear how the dance went.


Live to love and laugh said...

Addison is so pretty. I sure hope she has a good time.
With brothers like hers, I am sure only the respectable guys will ask her out :)
It is wonderful to have brothers who love you so much. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Addie, you are gorgeous! Hope you had a great time and I bet all the boys were after you. The picture of the brothers is so funny. How did you get them to pose for that Amy?

Proud Gram

Elizabeth said...

She is absolutely beautiful, and I find the picture of her and her brothers, both funny and appropriate!! Hope she had a great time!!!

Michelle Riggs said...

She is so beautiful. How did the dance go? I can't believe how fas your kids are growing up.

The pisture of Addie with her brothers is priceless.

Debbie T said...

Love the picture of the boys AND the expression on Addie's face - priceless! Addie, hope you had a GREAT time! DebbieT

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that picture is too cute! Addison is such a cute girl and growing up so fast! Hope she had a great time!

Bonky's Mom said...

I love the pics with the bodyguards! LOL

She's beautiful and no doubt needs some brothers to beat those boys off with a stick! ; )

(from Barnabettes)