Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Red Letters Campaign

This morning my alarm went off at 6:00 am as always on a school day. More rain was still coming down outside, a soft patter on the windows. I crept through the house finding my way into each child where I would softly kiss them on their warn cheek and gently nudge them out of their beds to start the day. I wondered to myself what God had planned for their lives today… for their futures… They quickly showered, got dressed and came into the breakfast table and sat down for a quick bite before heading off to school… heading off to make the most of today. And then I wondered, what about all of the children in the world who are waking up on this same day… only they do not have a mother to softly kiss their cheek because last week they lost her to AIDS. And what about the little ones who do not have a home, let alone a table to sit down at… and never a bite to eat? What about them? Yet I scurry through my day, making my way down my ‘list of things to do’ --will I still remember of them? Will I make those children a priority in my life or will I fill my day with the business of PTA, soccer practice, and more grocery shopping?
My amazing friend Angel decided that would not sit right in her life anymore. She and a group of life long friends decided to add those children to the TOP of their ‘to do’ list. They decided to "BE THE CHANGE they wished to see in this world." (Gandhi)
Check it out for yourself- http://thevoiceofadventure.blogspot.com/ www.redletterscampaign.com/
and Angel- I AM SO PROUD OF YOU MY FRIEND. YOU BLESS ME, you make me want to be MORE, you make me want to be different. You make me want to be the change too. Thank you.

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