Saturday, May 31, 2008

The 143,000,000

Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world when He could do something about it... but I am afraid God might ask me the same question. Anonymous

Some days I wake up full of energy and ready to take on the world. Other days, well, other days I let the reality set in and I am overwhelmed when I think of the task at hand. And yet God knows- He knows it all. He cares for the 143,000,000, loves each and every one of them and knows them by name. 9 years ago when I gave my life to Christ the person I was, the things I cared about changed drastically. From that moment on, the things that broke God's heart, also broke mine. I will never, ever, be ok knowing that there are 143,000,000 orphans in the world today. I will never turn my back and pretend they do not exist as I go on about my day. On July 11, 2004 my life was forever changed when God placed one of the orphans He loved in my arms-the day Aleigha Grace became my daughter. I don't have the answers- 143,000,000 is more than my mind can even comprehend. And yet I will never give up. God calls each one of us to take care of the orphans and widows... did you hear Him?

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed... nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20

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Unknown said...

I struggle with the all or nothing mentality. I agree with this message and long to do more. But I struggle with feeling bad everytime I buy a coke because I could have sent that money to a starving child. How do you all balance being a good steward by helping others with living a life without guilt when you want to purchase something frivolous?