Tuesday, April 29, 2008


On of Mya's favorite memories from being at Eagles Nest orphange in Guatemala is drinking warm rice milk. She actually used to pout and play sick (I witnessed her do it!) and then one of the mama's would come running and feel her forehead and then she'd tell them her tummy hurt so they would bring her some warm rice milk. Now I have no idea exactly how they made it there but we did find Horchata milk mix at our local Walmart. On the package it says to make it cold but Mya loves it warmed up. It has a cinnamon taste to it and she LOVES it. Anyway- if you have never had it you should try some- it's actually pretty good! Not good enough to fake a tummy ache or anything... but still not bad.


Jenny said...

Mya Papaya...Could you be any cuter? But I think I'm afraid to drink anything call Horchata!!! Hugs! jenny

Doreen said...

I always have Horchata in the house. i mix teya's cereal with it sometimes. you can buy it cold in the dairy dept of some stores and some hispanic stores have it in the dairy dept with many flavors. I love drinking it!
very cute Mya!