Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Questions and answers

This will be a very blessed Mother's Day. What will you do?

I had to run and check my calendar to see when Mother's Day was! One because I panicked due to the fact that I haven't thought of anything to get my mom (I know mom- you always tell me not to get you anything!) and also because Mothers Day is MY FAVORITE. Yep- you are going to see first hand, right here and now how shallow I really am. I love Mother's day because it's all about ME! (Sad, but true). I know- my birthday is also about me, but I have to turn a year older on that day and that is never fun. But Mother's Day- it's all good. You see, we have this sort of unspoken rule here in my family on Mother's Day...the kids, they aren't allowed to fight with each other on Mother's Day- at all, ever. They spend the entire day biting their lip, smiling at one another and treating me like a queen. Their dad has done a very, very good job at brain washing them into believe that this HAS to be done at least once a year. So yes, every Mother's day I wake up to breakfast in bed (typical menu of burnt peanut butter toast) and a mangled dandelion in a vase. (my favorite). The kids then present their beautiful 'handmade gifts' that some wonderful teach thought of and knew would just make my day. Then they quietly dress in their Sunday best for church, careful not to cause any problems for their dear mother. After church I am treated to lunch out and then off the nursery we go to pick out a couple of hanging baskets for our front porch and perhaps some other flowers to plant in various flower beds around our house. Everyone joins in this event whether they want to or not (yes my teenage boys especially love this part). As evening comes and our long day of togetherness comes to an end, I slip into bed with a smile on my face- reliving the memories of the day. My kids on the other hand, head off to bed exhausted and glad the day is over- for tomorrow they can go back to life as they know it-me waiting on them.

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Anonymous said...

Gee why didn't I think of the "no fighting, etc., when you girls were little. And I still remember the "breakfasts in bed". But I still say "don't get me anything". Just buy another flower for your garden and call it "Moms flower". Love ya!