Sunday, August 15, 2010

And finally, all nine kids individual pictures are done. Kallan was my last to do- and I think the kid deserves some kind of award. One, because trying to talk a 13 year old boy into posing for pictures is like pulling teeth. Bless his heart- I am sure there are a million other things he would have rather been doing. And two, because it was 111 degrees out today here in Texas and I drug him outside to do a photo shoot. I know, I know- mother of the year right?

Any how, thanks Kallan- you were a trooper (not to mention pretty cute if I do say so myself).

Kallan doesn't get a lot of blog time on here mainly because he is a 'behind the scenes' kind of guy and likes it that way. :) Kal has the BIGGEST heart. He is the kind of kid who will do something so incredibly sweet when you least expect it, and not even tell you who did it. He is just really awesome like that. I believe he has the hardest 'spot' in the family because he is right in the middle- and of two girls at that. He is too young to do what the older siblings are doing- and too old to play with the little ones- so he has to kind of find his own place to fit somewhere in between. Yet, he never complains. He also has a great sense of humor which makes him so much fun to be around.

Kallan, thank you for all that you have done to make our family complete. Thank you for going with the flow and smiling no matter what comes your way. Thank you for being the sweetest younger brother and an amazing older brother. From you I have learned so much about what really matters in life. I love you my precious last 'born of my tummy' son. Your life makes mine even better. :)

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Unknown said...

I'm with you I think he is awfully cute! Excuse me handsome!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and son with us!

Love you,

Mrs. Michelle said...

Kallan has one of the biggest hearts of any one I know. He loves life and surprises others with his spontaneous "stage" presence.

Laurel said...

111 degrees??? Yikes!!! Does it cool down at night, at all?

I'm getting kind of scared that we are headed your way with a camping trailer. Oh my! We're at a hotel tonight (just outside the Mohave Desert), but we need to camp the next 2 weeks.

Hope things cool down as we travel across AZ, NM, and TX.

See you soon!

Laurel :)

Chantelle said...

oooh, he might just be my favorite. :) what a heart breaker he will be. :)

Recovering Noah said...

Oh my gosh, he looks sooooo much like Keegan! Amy, he has GROWN UP! Look at the picture on your side bar... he's a cute little boy there and now he's a handsome young man.

With the risk of sounding utterly silly.... You sure make some beautiful babies!! =)

Andrea Hill said...

What a hunk he is. Hm, I think I have to hold him for my 7 y/o Misrak in marriage. What is 5 years difference, right? I am glad he brings you so much joy!

Debbie Doughty said...

I love hearing about your precious children and how God is growing and using them. Such blessings :)

Angel said...

Hope he doesn't mind that I already picked his wife. ;-) I asked her and she wasn't opposed to the idea. Hee hee... I LOVE YOUR KIDS!