Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ridiculously in love...

Remember when you first fell in love?

Remember how you would have literally done anything for that person?

Remember how, without batting an eye, you would have sold everything you had, packed your suitcase, and moved to the ends of the earth just to be with them?

Remember how all you cared about was spending time with them?

Remember how they were in your every thought, your every dream?

Remember how it practically hurt when you were away from them?

Remember how you couldn't imagine your life without them in it?

Remember how just the thought of talking to them made your heart do flip flops?

And remember how other people would roll their eyes and shake their heads, but secretly wish they too had that kind of love?

That, my friends, is the same kind of passionate love we should have for our Jesus.

Only all too often, our relationship with Him resembles something closer to this...

"Dear Lord, we could really use your help. Please give me good health, please bless us financially, please keep us safe, please provide for all of our needs. And Lord, I have these bills to pay, and on top of that we could really use a new washing machine. oh and God, can you please hurry? Amen."

What do you think would happen if we treated that person we were madly in love with the same way as we treat Jesus? What if we said we loved them, told them they were the most important thing in our lives- but ACTED as if our needs were the only ones that mattered? What if all we did was ask of them- but were never willing to give of ourselves?

Do you think that relationship would last? Do you think that relationship is even real?

My challenge for you is to fall in love with Jesus with total abandonment. You know- ridiculously in love. A love so deep that you'd be willing to give it all away, be willing to risk it all, and be willing to follow Him to the ends of the earth- because nothing else even came close to mattering as much as Him.

Jesus- I love you that much.

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Rebekah said...

Amen, Amy! My heart fluttered when I read that!

Unknown said...


Love you,

Dardi said...

Wow...I just got butterflies in my stomach! Love this....

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


erica said...

Powerful! And beautiful! Thanks for the reminder.

JuJu - said...

Love it:)

Kelly said...

Sounds like some "Crazy Love"!! What a great challenge to read on a rainy morning. I had a good laugh at your family picture post!! I am always a bit nutty when it comes to the family picture. I think it is funny how relieved I am when it is done. My husband likes to do it on the first day of our beach trip so it is out of the way! I don't think my family likes me much during the family picture taking time!! By the way, the first one is my favorite! :)

Amber said...


I wish I were your neighbor and that I sat next to you in church.

You are amazing at inspiring people. God is at work in me...I'm struggling but I know we're going to come out of this better and stronger. My family is in 'change'...and I believe and am praying for the better.

I'll take your challenge today! :)

HUGS & Prayers

Danae Hudson said...

Your post made me smile!!

And I wanted to let you know, that if your Chip-In gets to $300, I'm going to increase the amount of my gift card giveaway to $75.

The slow work of God! Totally worth it :)

Jessie B said...

i dont think I like this post- its too convicting! haha just kidding. GREAT post.

Jenay said...

I loved this post!!! Do you care if I post it on my blog...I will link to yours. Soooo Good!