Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Watch and vote!!

This is my sweet friend, Jill's daughter Lexi. This precious girl is on fire for God and using her life to prove just that.

Please watch her video over and over to help her gets vote to perform this song she wrote as the opening act at Celebrate Freedom in Atlanta GA, 104.7 the Fish.

I just love it when kids these age already 'get it'. Lexi spent time in Guatemala this past summer serving the Lord. Right now, this precious (almost) 16 year old has a goal to build at least two wells in Africa or India, to provide clean water to hundreds of people. How many 16 year olds to you know taking on such huge task as that? You can visit Lexi and her awesome family here.

Keep being who you are Lexi!!!

Now go watch her video and help this girl get votes!!!

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Unknown said...

Love you sweet and precious friend!

Anyone who wants to help Lexi with the wells can visit her http://wake4change.blogspot.com/

You are the real deal Amy and I appreciate that more than words can say!

Hugs and blessings on your day!

Unknown said...

SORRY Amy they just wrote an email to Lexi to disqualify her because of where we live and she is a minor - which were NOT on anything she read yesterday before entering :-( They told youtube to shut off her view count!


God bless you and really appreciate your support of Lexi!

God will use her gift and talents and we are so proud of her for trying!


Love you,

Kylee said...

Hi! I just found your blog via another blog and am so excited to read it.

I am 17 and have a HUGE heart for foster care/adoption...it is my passion in life. My family has been a foster family for 10 years and those kids are so dear to my heart. I have two little adopted brothers (via the foster care system), and currently have two foster sisters, whom we will (hopefully) be adopting.

I love seeing blogs like yours, written by people that share that same passion. It is so easy to become discouraged and to lose hope, but when I read about others listening to His will, then I am reminded not to lose hope.

Every day when I look at my beautiful little siblings, I realize what a blessing God has given my family. They are the joy of my life, and it breaks my heart that so many people are ignoring these precious kids.

Thanks for all you do! God bless!


Gabby(: said...

Well she is just amazing though

Holly said...

amazing Lexi...whether you win or not...it was beautiful and worshipful. God has great things in store for you Lexi!