Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dossier

This is me. My name is Amy and I am working on my dossier.
Can anyone else relate?
I mean really, does it have to be so stressful? I am so afraid I am going to dot an i wrong and it will cause months and months of needless wait and agony. If anyone has any helpful hints in the dossier department please feel free to share. We are using Hope Adoption Agency to bring home and Mr. Amazing (also known as Hudson). Obviously he is more than worth every second of effort going into preparing the dossier- just praying that I am getting it all right- the first time.
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Holly said...

How can I help? I have our dossier from last was in DC when we got the call about W. so never went to Ethiopia.
Seriously. What do you need?

Tanya said...

All I can say is...."I can relate". But it will be a long-forgotten frustration once he's home. Hang in there!

Angie said...

Think of the dossier as labor...once you have that baby in your arms, it will seem like it wasn't so painful after all. Otherwise, none of us would do it again, AMEN??

Unknown said...

I'm not using your agency as you know - but how can I help???

Tell me what I can do!

Love you and trust me when I say I can relate!!!!!!!!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Just sent our dossier in today! Oh the stress- you can definitely get an AMEN to that!! Praying it will go perfectly so you can get your little man :) Ohhhh.....can't wait!!!

Tracy said...

Sending off our agency paperwork tomorrow, so should be starting the dossier soon - and may I say - your picture is SOOOOO comforting!! If a supermama like yourself is freaking, I'm going to be sucking my thumb and hiding in a corner!!!

Kimberlie said...

I've never done a dossier for Ethiopia, but I have done three for China, and am about to embark on #4 (am I crazy?!?), so I am totally with you. I will pray for you!!!

Our journey following Christ said...

Boy that picture was definitely taken of a woman who is working on her dossier! We sent ours in back in July for the second time around. The second time was way better than the first, I thought.

Still, it is enough to make a woman crazy!!

Blessings and congratulations on your progress,

trustandobey said...

Here's the formula for a successful dossier preparation time:
Take a walk around the block.
Drink some type of Starbucks grande thing with a lot of whipped cream
Stick your head out the nearest window and scream.

We have all been there:)

Chris said...

I'll read all the comments...we are in the same position. I'm not sure I look as good as your picture.
We are doing China...and he is a waiting child so lets get a move on!!!

Andrea said...

What an amazing view of your nostrils and Take a deep breath, all will be well. ;o) God's got you covered.

Dardi said...

Ummm, I am not doing your dossier-thingy, but I am knee-deep in working with "the system" to get our girl's adoption finalized. We have gone from feeling like we're running in mud to hitting pavement in a dead sprint AND.I.HAVE.BEEN.STRESSSSSSSSSSED!!! Misery loves company, right? Wish I lived closer b/c I would totally get one of those grande Starbucks whatevers that somebody else mentioned & we could chug those suckers back together...*sigh*

Cari said...

I get the same crazy look in my eyes when I am going through the dossier process. Both adoptions I have actually had weight loss from nerves/stress just trying to make sure everything is done correctly, but I'm getting better at praying about it more this time around.

Adeye said...

Uugggg----right there with you, sister! Why in the world do they have to make it so darn hard???? I will never understand.

This too shall pass, dear friend. I promise :)

Andrea Hill said...

Where do you get these funny pics. That is truly the expression of a burned out lady doing a dossier. Hang in there, you are almost done.

Pam said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see his picture! ahhhh...from what I understand India, where our son came to us from, has the worst paperwork of any of the countries. I made it signature, one piece of paper at a time. You can make it!!! :)))))

Anonymous said...




jj said...

Where did you find that picture?! It is perfect. We submitted our dossier for Ethiopia a month ago and that is exactly what I felt like. Take a deep breath, it's not as bad as it seems, and I can only say that now that I am done. God will get you through, He always does!!

Gretchen said...

No advice...just "I can relate"

It will be over soon and then you get the amazing oppurtunity to W A I T.

darci said...

oh don't even get me started!!! but good luck. :)I'll be praying it all goes smoothly

Stacy said...

I know exactly what you mean!
I've renewed my homestudy 3 time (and that's not counting doing the first time for the dossier!)
The part that gives my anxiety (like what you're talking about) is dealing with the govt. when we renew our I171H form. Oh, ya- we've done that 3 times!
Hang in there- and remember to dot the i's and cross all t's!! : )

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

Just starting to work on our dossier and home study. Glad to hear I'm not the only one freaked out by it all. I'm leaning on prayer through it all. It's SUPER stressful!

Debbie T said...

Gosh, Amy, just reading your post about the dossier makes my stress level escalate. You've done a Guatemala adoption dossier TWICE though, for goodness sakes - you should have NO FEAR!! I'm sure it will be PERFECT! Hugs! DebbieT

Ang said...

Hi Amy~

I've been checking your blog periodically. I went back through your previous posts, as I'm curious about how others' children came to be with them. This waiting stage is not my favorite, so reading the stories of other families is inspiring. I saw that you read Dangerous Surrender by Kaye Warren. I've been asking many of my friends if they've read it, as I've wanted to read it for some time.

Many blessings,

Unknown said...

I can't relate...But it sounds miserable. Sorry hope this part passes quickly.

trina said...

Our little guy's name is Hudson!! Love it.