Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Walking in Faith...

I have noticed lately when people hear we are adopting the fabulous five (after exclaiming we are crazy of course- but I’ll save that for a different post) that a biggest question we getting is “Your husband must make a ton of money- and how big is your house?” I am here to tell you that while yes we are blessed by a steady job with a good company (we love you 3M!!) we do NOT own a huge, fancy, expensive house and we are NOT loaded with money... we are loaded with FAITH.
Faith that when our God calls- he will provide.
And he has.
He does.
I think so often we are frozen from doing God’s work because we cannot see the whole picture and that scares us. The amount in the bank, the numbers on the monthly budget- do not add up. It seems impossible, overwhelming. I know, I've been there. But I also know that our God is all powerful- and that is not just a cliché. God doesn’t need our money- He owns everything already. I have learned that when God calls you to do something it is often the exact thing that most people would run from because in our human minds it ‘cannot be possible’. But with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I know you’ve heard that before- but ARE YOU LIVING LIKE YOU BELIEVE IT? I’ve asked it before but I will ask it again today- ARE YOU LIVING A LIFE THAT PROVES YOU TRUST YOUR GOD? Or, are you living your life according to how your check book balances? I also know what you are probably thinking as you read those words… something along the lines of ‘but you don’t know our situations’… or that may work for some people but not us. No. I am here to tell you. God IS ALWAYS faithful when you are doing His work.
You see, God wants the credit. He wants to do the work. He wants us to know that we are not doing something because WE can. Not because WE are qualified, educated, or good. He wants the credit. HE DESERVES THE CREDIT- WE do not. He wants to work through us. He wants to provide what we need. He wants us to look to Him- seek Him, trust Him.
So no, we do not have a six digit income or a huge house. We have a huge faith. We have a huge God. We trusted God would provide and He has...

~God provided a Christian man from our church who was willing to add onto our house for practically nothing. This man, Dave, was God’s hands and feet. In him we saw Jesus.
~God directed the path for me to meet my amazing friend Kellie (who I trusted with my most prized possessions- my kids) and provided in her a sitter I could trust because our families live 13 hours away. She came armed with plastic dishes, made us dinner, blessed us with a generous gift card and loved on my kids while I was gone. She was God’s hands and feet. In her we saw Jesus.
~God provided a church family full of Christian men and woman along with a pastor who love the Lord and were willing to be God’s hands and feet and paint our home, put together bunk beds and move furniture at a moments notice. In them we saw Jesus.
~God provided a group of ladies from a church in Grabill, Indiana who sent us a generous gift card to Walmart to purchase things needed for our new kids. These woman were wiling to be God’s hands and feet through their willing hearts. In them we saw Jesus.
~God provided me with precious friends who understand our hearts, understand we will stumble and know the exact time when we needed them to send me a verse from scripture or a prayer. They were willing to be God’s hands and feet. In them we saw Jesus.
~God provided the exact item we were needed on sale that day at the store. We saw Jesus.
~God provided an amazing, supportive adoption community of friends who pulled together and gave us a Virtual baby shower so that we could purchase bunk beds and many more needed for our new kids. They were willing to be God’s hands and feet. In each of them we saw Jesus.
~God provided a woman I have never met named Shannon who donated her baby bed and new sheets for the baby. She was willing to be God’s hands and feet. In her we saw Jesus.
~God provided a friend through adoption named Phyllis who drove out of her way to bring us a car seat and support us when. She was willing to be God’s hands and feet. In her we saw Jesus.
~God provided a wonderful friend named Heather who I adore because I can talk honestly to and bounce thoughts off of without feeling judged. She blessed us with a generous gift cared to Target to purchase things for our kids. She was willing to be Gods hands and feet. In her we saw Jesus.
~God provided a gift card from a woman I had never met to purchase pillows from Bed, Bath and Beyond. She was willing to be God’s hands and feet. In her we saw Jesus.
~ God provided a friend named Elizabeth with a heart for orphans who uses her creativeness to create cards and donated some of her profits to us. She was God's hands and feet. In her we saw Jesus.
~God provided a Godly woman who I look up to named Kim who also blessed us with a generous gift card- which we were able to purchase the kids new comforters. She was willing to be God’s hands and feet. In her we saw Jesus.
~ God provided a friend named Kacie who used her talents and made at least a hundred beautiful hair bows for our girls and mailed them to us !She was willing to be God's hands and feet. In her we saw Jesus.
~God provided gift card after gift card from friends from Barnebettes, clothing, high chair, mattresses, toys, etc- all through people who were willing to be God’s hands and feet. In them we saw Jesus.
~God provided us with families with who love and support us, even if they do not always agree with us. They are willing to open their hearts, their homes for the rest of their lives to love these children as their own flesh and blood. They are willing to be God’s hands and feet. In them we saw Jesus.
~God provided me with amazing, supportive, understanding friends who cheer us on and comfort us when needed. They are willing to be God's hands and feet. In them we saw Jesus.

This is all through people who love the Lord and have faith that there is something more than just living an ordinary life. And while I hesitated to write all of these blessings in fear of forgetting some one- I wanted people to see for themselves. It’s not about US being good enough, it’s not about us having it all planned out- or having a huge chunk of money piled in our laps- it’s about us TRUSTING GOD to provide when He calls. And while yes we need to use the brains God gave us- we also need to not be afraid to take that first step of faith. I am not expecting nor am I proclaiming that things will always be easy. We might have to go without sometimes- but big deal. What we have- our children, our family, our friends-and serving our God is more important to me than lavish vacations and brand new cars any day!!! What we are doing is more important to me than wearing name brand clothing and eating out every day. What we are teaching our children is priceless. Worth a whole more than the latest Play station game. What our children will inherit is an example of living a Godly life. They will learn to find joy in serving, happiness in seeing others happy- even if that means them going without. Yet more importantly they will discover contentment in who they are. And there is nothing better than that.
So, I'll ask you one more time... are you living your life that proves you trust your God?


{marie} said...

this is so well said, and....i have to admit....i was probably one of the people that prompted this post after my silly questions to you. you have such a wonderful faith in our Lord and it shows in your family and the way you conduct your life. you are very inspiring and your kind words a couple of weeks ago have prompted me to get my paper work completed and to set the wheels in motion. thank you.

Unknown said...

Well...all I have to say is...


Jenny said...

I am speechless....again! AMEN!!! Thank you for responding to my email, I'm so glad you wrote this post. Our sermon this past Sunday was about getting out of our comfort zone and taking that leap of faith. So many times I've sat back because of small reasons. I have faith, I do believe, He does provide. I'm taking that leap and believe he will provide. Thank you

Bonky's Mom said...

Love this post...so, so true. God needs nothing from us other than a "yes, I'll obey."

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Better yet...YOU GO, JESUS! :o)

Lisa H.

Audrey said...

Awesome post!! Praise God! I am totally feeling it - we are in that place where ONLY GOD is going to pull this thing off and I know that He will!! I am so happy for you and your super-sized family! :)

Andrea Hill said...

Wow, what an awesome post. You are always preaching sister! Although I wished I could be there an laugh when people make the uneducated comments.

Amy said...

So good to hear how the Lord provides all of our needs. Great post!

Amy Clemons said...

You have a beautiful story to tell with amazing FAITH in God. I admire your strength, courage, and faith. You are doing EXTRA ordinary things for these children.

Live to love and laugh said...

What a fantastic post and you are right on target. When we let go and let God work in our lives we can see his glory.

Melinda said...

Love this Amy! It is simply a matter of Faith. Do you really, really trust God? When you do you do the unimaginable and the unthinkable to where you have people thinking you have lost your mind. :) God is showing up in this adoption is such a big way and to Him all the glory! You and Todd are just being obedient to the call. Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle said...

Your words have touched my heart in a way that you will never know and I thank you for them. I see God at work through your words for my life. If you will please email me when you get time. We are just starting the adoption process and I have some questions for you.

Take Care

Elizabeth said...

Thank you. I needed to be reminded of this this morning...having faith and trusting. He always does provide.

Stacey said...

The body of Christ is so big. Some are the hands, some are the feet and others pray like crazy. I have never met you, but love your story. I, too, am an adoptive mom and am very passionate about adoption. I have been lifting you guys up daily. I pray for this transition for your family.
God Bless You

Stacey said...

The body of Christ is HUGE!! Some are His hands, some are His feet and some just pray like crazy! I am in that category. I have never met you, but love your story. I, too, am an adoptive mom and very passionate about adoption. I pray for this transition for your whole family.
God Bless you,

Holly said...

Are you talkin' to ME? Oh my goodness...the Spirit of God is moving through this post sister.
You have no idea.
I have a box ready to send to you......been dealing with a sick toddler but thank God he is getting better at last!
I am thrilled that you finally got to meet the kids and that the baby took to you so well. It will be awesome when you CAN post their picture with the rest of the bunch.
Thanks for being real and for allowing the Lord to speak through you.

Tonya Brown said...

Thank you for writing this post. It is not that I don't know about faith, I just simply needed to hear these words today... God's perfect timing.

God bless your family!

Flamingo said...

AMEN! It always annoys me when people ask how we are going to afford to pay for our children's college education? I don't know...but God can. Are we supposed to say "no" to something He calls us to because of what MIGHT happen or not happen?

Ok..guess I'm venting a little. I continue to be inspired by your family's faith.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am amazed at the strength you and your family have and you are truly an inspiration to myself. Thank you for being such a hugh family of faith in our God and for being willing to adopt His children into your beautiful family and all that you say is just so touching. God Bless you and all your family. I don't know if you've seen this blog, but it's a woman, "Big Momma" who lives in Atlanta, who has 39 children, and she's a single mom. She has adopted hispanic sibling groups through many many rough backgrounds, and the faith she has is also very inspiring. I thought you would get a lot out of her blog, as you're adopting a big sibling group. Go check her out, if you haven't already...


Corey (goose189@hotmail.com)

Good luck to you. And I am truly inspired by what you're doing. I have no kids yet, I'm 27, but getting ready to start trying and I've already told my fiance that adoption is something I HAVE to do at some point in my life. So I'm trying to work on him, as he's never even thought about it. But if you could email me with any advice, that would be great. I'd more than likely adopt children like you are, through the foster care system...so any advice would be great! Thanks

Angela said...

I'm a first time commenter, but long time reader. Found you through the Wilken's family Guat adopt blog of Mason (Jennifer and I are High school buddies) Wanted to let you know that your blog was part of God talking to me about adopting through the foster care system. In fact we received our temp foster license this week. Later that same day they brought us a 9 month old baby boy. It was an emergency situation, so he will probably not be with us long--(not that we wouldn't love for him to stay forever) OH how my four kids have been loving on him!!

Jesus is using this sweet boy to speak to many of our friends on foster care and the need for it.

Jesus is showing us just how much we really do want to add to our family through his plan for us!!

God Bless you!!

Angela :-) said...

I had my husband read your post last night, and he got hung up on your comment about a triple digit income. Can you clarify what you mean, please?

Angela :-)

Amy said...

Thanks for proof reading my blog Angela. I can use all the help I can get. All I can say is 2 things...
1. I am tired.
2. I stink at math anyway. :0) Amy

Doreen said...

Your words were perfect Amy.... and so is God's plan for you, , your family and these new precious children... i love their new rooms !! doreen

Carey said...

We get the same questions too. Although very few on the money side. We're adopting 3 siblings and have 4 at home. Quite a few people say, wow, you must have a big house. Well, no, not really. The main floor is 1600 feet, with a full basement that we are trying to remodel ourselves. But God is in control.

Besides, how many huge families years ago had 3 room houses??

Years ago I heard something on a Christian talk radio show. "My God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He's just gonna have to sell some cows!" And like he is already for you, he's also been to the market for us!

darci said...

wow, I alternated between tears in my eyes and goosebumps. THANK YOU> such an amazing story, but for me right now, SUCH an important reminder,,it's not anything to do with me 'figuring it out'.