Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ready, set, DONATE!

One of my favorite things about blogging is reading other peoples blogs and getting to take a little sneak peak into their lives and celebrate how God is using them.
My awesome buddy Angel and her husband Russ (who I am so proud of and inspired by) are heading up Red Letters Campaign and they are partnering with Children's Hopechest to launch orphan care in Ethiopia for 1000+ children! This will include supporting Hanna's Orphan Home. This is going to take some major fund raising and so therefore fellow bloggers it’s time to JUMP out of your comfy chair and get to work! You know you have some kind of talent, some kind of connections or some kind of heart and want to actually be a part of this amazing opportunity. Don’t just sit back and read- YOU be His hands and feet.

So- what we need right now are DONATIONS of GOODS!!) Do you make something or own a fun store or business??? Would you be interested in donating to the fundraising efforts of RLC? All donations will be used in a Project Ethiopia Raffle Fundraiser or auction. If you have any items you can donate, please contact Amy at amyde63@hotmail.com Also, feel free to contact Amy with any questions. (It’s not me Amy but another Amy- love her name though!) Anyone who donates for the RLC cause will get some great publicity from the RLC website. It's a great way for you to help a good cause while getting free advertisement for your business. We will also take donations of services (photography sessions) or vacation time (week at a condo). Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. We want to hear from you. This is gonna be REALLY cool if we get lots of great donations. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! We are excited to get this going. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST THIS ANNOUNCEMENT ON YOUR BLOG IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!! :0)
Today I would like to highlight one sweet gal who is using her talents (and her heart) to do what she can. Her heart is for the least of these and instead of sitting around wondering what she could do to reach out to others- she used the talents God blessed her with. Check out http://elizabethengelhardtcreations.com/ Love this girls heart. Love that she not only preaches it but lives it. Loves that she is willing… now how about you? You know there is something you could donate!!!! Come on- join us! You will be blessed I promise!

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Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you went ahead and took 'charge' of finding a picture! Thank you so much letting everyone know about my business. Talk to you soon. You rock!!