Monday, August 25, 2008

Just look around you...

What would it take for God to get your attention?

One night a woman dreamed that she was having a conversation with God. She was angry about all the suffering and evil she saw around her, so she complained to the Lord, "Why don't You do something about all this?" God gently replied, "I did. I created you."

God's word is so clear and yet still we live as if we never heard Him. It would almost be comical if it were not so serious.
What will it take for God to get your attention? WE ARE GODS HANDS AND FEET. The work He does is done through us.


God’s work is done through you.

You don’t have to look far to see a need-there are poor, sick, homeless, orphaned, hurting people everywhere. If we cannot point out a few people that we know of by name that we are serving right now- today-then I think it’s time we were honest with ourselves...

Serving ourselves comes natural- we are pros at that. I know I am. But serving others- that gets a little more uncomfortable. A little harder... a little less familiar. Not sure where to start? Start by taking the focus off of you and really look around you- into the eyes of Jesus.

He will show you, I promise.

You and I, we are the Church, no? We have to share with our people.
Suffering today is because people are hoarding, not giving, not sharing.
Jesus made it very clear. Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me.
Give a glass of water, you give it to me.
Receive a little child, you receive me.
~ Mother Teresa ~


Jman's momma said...

Hey Amy - I think about this all the time. When I am feeling my worst it is usually when I have focused too much on myself. It is so easy to stay in our own little world. Yuck!

~ Anne

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the reminder. It is so easy to get 'caught up' in ourselves that we forget to help those around us. I continue to try to figure out ways to do more...more than the Food Pantry on the 2nd Friday of the month and more than just giving 30% of my sales, but I also forget to be quiet for Him to tell me. oops..
Blessings and hugs.