Friday, August 1, 2008


Todd and I have been doing a lot of praying here lately asking God for direction about our next adoption. When we tell others of our plans to add another child--it inevitably ends up with them questioning us with"why would you want another"? <insert sheer look of disbelief and terror>

We realize that most people consider our family large and therefore- we would naturally choose to be done… but that is not at all the case. You see, ‘being done’ is not our choice. Because we are Christians and because we serve our master- it became His choice. Who are we to put limits on God? Who are we to put God in a box? When God says “adopt this child”- who are we to disobey Him?

I am not saying that everyone should adopt. That is not up to me- that is up to God. What I am saying though is that there are 450 million orphans in this world and we are all called to obedience in caring for the fatherless. That calling includes me- and you. How are you doing that? People know the need- but they are just not willing to do so. Perhaps instead of them asking us why- I should be asking them why they don’t? Perhaps when people stand in disbelief of our choice to adopt another- somewhere down deep inside of them they are afraid… or convicted?

Many of us are willing to live our lives as ‘average Christians”- doing what it takes to skim by… We make the effort to get ourselves into church most Sundays, occasionally we volunteer our time, and sometimes we even drop something into the offering. We love hearing all of the ‘feel good’ sermons- because we can walk out of church feeling pleased with ourselves. But what if there was more? And what if you were missing it? What if there was a life of abundance just waiting for you? Would you reach out and grab it? Claim it as your own? What if Jesus is just waiting for you to have the faith to step out of the boat and embrace Him? Because, He is you know.

Todd and I never started out this journey planning on having 7, or maybe 8, 9 children. Seven years ago we never dreamed we would be parenting a multicultural family. But somewhere along the way we decided to quit looking for Jesus inside the box- and just look for Him- period. That is the way to make room for Him. Look for Him to come, but do not expect Him only in a certain way. He came- in a way we never expected… He came to us in the eyes of His children.

I have often heard others say that having a big family is ‘irresponsible’. According to the world- when people step out in faith to do something that they are not guaranteed will be easy- it is considered being irresponsible. None of us want to be irresponsible- especially when it comes to our children-and that is exactly what the world would have us to believe. It was this realization though that made it clear to Todd and I just how many things we were not trusting God with- it brought to light all of the things we were trying to be responsible for in our own power. It became even clearer to us that in doing that ‘we’ were actually being our own idol- trusting in ourselves to take care of it all- instead of giving God the glory. We then realized we had a choice- to trust God completely or trust ourselves. It wasn’t until we gave up ‘ourselves’- that we were truly able to find ourselves.

Living for Jesus involves risks. It’s being willing to follow the path Christ has for us, instead of the one we dreamed up for ourselves. Living a life for Jesus involves faith. When God tells us to do something- instead of demanding to see it proven successful before we agree to do it- (because that would remove the element of faith) we step out and simply say “yes Lord”.
When people question us with “another”? I will simply smile and say:
“Yes Lord- Because I am a Christian,
Yes Lord, because you called us to.
Yes Lord, because you bless us through these children.
Yes Lord, because there is a need.
Yes Lord, because we trust you completely.
Yes Lord, because I am not living to please this world or to be popular to man.
Yes Lord, because these children deserve the chance to know you as their savior.
Yes Lord, because I choose to serve you and not for myself.
Yes Lord, because when I look into the eyes of those in need- I see you”.

“If any of you wants to be my follower, you must put aside your selfish ambitions, shoulder your cross, and follow me. If you try to keep your life for yourself, you will loose it. But if you give up your life for me, you will find true life.” Matthew 16:24-25


Holly said...

He is Jehovah Jirah!
I think you need another girl to even things up. Hmmmmmmmm.
Oh yes, we should let GOD decide!
Surrender changes everything, doesn't it?
His ways are astounding.

Elizabeth said...

Holy Cow, girl. I so needed this tonight. I spent last night and this morning in the Beth Moore simulcast and now I find you and your inspirational words.

I so have a hard time giving up my control of everything. It's insane and yet I still have issues giving it up. I am now wishing that in some way, God would allow you to mentor me. He always has a way of speaking to me through your words. Thank you for that.

Blessings. (I like the new layout too...{:o)

Sara said...

You are amazing Amy and I know God has given you what you need to have a large family. You are truly blessed and have so much to offer another family. I will pray for you as have God lead you in your decision.

Recovering Noah said...

I agree with everything you said Amy. Although I'm still waiting for God to show me how to handle the 3 that I've got... but if He wants to lay another on me, then I'll gladly abide. :-)

P.S. LOVE your new blog look. It's super pretty.


kim p said...

Thanks for living your faith! I'll pray that God will give you direction for your next adoption. God is being glorified in your life, and He's using you to encourage and inspire others! ((Hugs)) to you!