Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankfulness... Day 3

Not a day goes by that I do not thank the Lord for my 9 precious babies. Even though this picture is several months old (taken before we left for Guatemala) I love it because we are all together. I am so thankful that God blessed me with the privilege of being a mommy to these amazing kiddos. I marvel at how the Lord brought each one into my life, each one a gift beyond anything I could have ever dreamed for myself. Each one unique in their own way, each one with their own strengths and talents, each one a reminder of what life is all about.

When Todd and I first got married we 'planned' on having 3 children... It seemed like the 'acceptable' thing to do. Oh how thankful I am that God is so much wiser than we are.... and how thankful I am that I didn't miss out on this.

I love you my precious babies and I am so thankful God gave me you. :)

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erica said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family!! :)

The Crawfords said...

Great photo, beautiful family! Every day is truly a gift, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

Gina said...

Amy when I first started following your blog over a year ago I was amazed in a "look at this amazing family that God has created but I would never be able to or want to do that" kind of way. Now as God continues to work in my life and my heart I find myself saying, "Lord I feel you preparing my heart and mind for something big like the Block's-Bring it on!"

darci said...

GREAT picture! Love it. And oh yes, I am so glad God doesn't take us at our word (or plans) ..He is so so much wiser and so good to us! We sold all the baby stuff after baby 2...then He gave us #3...then we had the joy of Jotham for a few brief months, and now we have TWINS coming!! (from Ethiopia). He is good!! Congratulations on all your beautiful blessings. :) darc

Unknown said...

I love this photo!

I love your family!

I love how God created it so perfectly one by one - BUILDING THE BLOCKS!


Our family: said...

Simply beautiful!! The Lord shines through you all!