Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankfulness.... Day 16... my friends.

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The Lord has blessed me with the most amazing friends and I am so thankful for every single one of them. As I sit here right now at my computer my head is filled with people's names and faces I call my friend. Some I have known  practically all my life and others for only a short time. But each one of them has played an important part in my life and have a part in who I am today. I have laughed with them, cried with them, grown with them, learned from them, prayed with them and have been blessed beyond words by them.

I was reading the other day in my bible from the book of Mark and something that stuck out to me was how Jesus called his twelve disciples together and 'began sending them out two by two". My study notes read: "The disciples were sent out in pairs. Individually they could have reached more ares of the country, but this was not Christ's plan. The adventages in going out by twos include: (1) They could strengthen and encourage each other. (2) They could provide comfort in rejection. (3) They could give each other discernment, and fewer mistakes would be made. (4) They could stir each other to action as a counter to idleness or indifference. Our strength comes from God, but he meets many of our needs through our teamwork with others. As you serve Christ, don't try to go it alone. "

Today I am so thankful for the blessing of friends. Thankful once again for God's amazing plan which is so much better than our own. Thankful that He thinks of everything. In a world that is constantly telling us  to 'look out for #1'- I am so grateful for my friends who have come along side of me and been what I see to be one of the greatest gifts in this world- a friend. You know who you are- and I hope you know who much I love you. Thanks for doing this life together with me.
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Pepe y Paqui said...

En España se dice:
"Quién tiene un amigo tiene un tesoro"

Unknown said...

I love being your friend!

You are such a treasure and I'm so thankful for you!