Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am only one, but still I am one.
~Helen Keller

I was reading through 1 Chronicals the others day and I have to admit, it took everything in me not to skip over the list of names and move on. Name after name of individuals who felt to me to be nothing but a name on a page. "Just another face in the crowd" as the saying goes. What the Lord reminded me though is that is not at all how He sees it. 

While God is interested in the nations- He is also interested in us as individuals. Each one of us is uniquely created for a reason- only often we struggle to see our purpose because we are too busy believing we only have worth when we can see it in numbers, power or recognition. 

The thing is, what we often view as insignificant and unimportant- the Lord is actually using to accomplish His purpose. While a simple smile, a listening ear, a sincere compliment, or a gentle touch may not seem like a very big deal~ God can use them to change the course of someones life. 

Because after all, "little is much when God is in it."

Do all that is in your heart. Go then; here I am with you. 1 Samuel 14:7

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jan said...

thank you for the sweet reminder! i feel rejuventated :) love you much.

Arielle said...

Timely word for today. Thank you.

Intentional Living Homestead said...


Praying for your family.