Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hair and body products

Several of you have asked me what I use on my children's hair so I thought I'd share on here. Because there are so many different textures of hair I have found that it takes some time to figure out what works best on each one of my children.

Kaden's hair is very different from Havyns. Kaden always tells me his hair is 'pokey' and he likes it shaved bald. He is so cute- he will feel his head and say "Smooooth, just the way I like it". His hair is close to impossible to comb out and when I do it hurts him. So, we typically keep it shaved off. He has the most incredible deep black skin and it is beautiful and flawless. In the bath we don't use soap ever- we use Suave Sleek conditioner to wash his head with and his body. It smells great and it keeps his skin from getting ashy.

Carson's hair is a little softer than Kaden. I recently found out he is part Native American which explains that. I use Suave Sleek conditioner on him and not shampoo. I have found this also helps with his skin- which tends to be much dryer than my other two black children. He doesn't mind having his hair combed so we keep his hair a little longer.

When we were in Ethiopia adopted Havyn everyone would stop us and say "good hair". :) They were right- she has good hair. Her ringlets are amazing. Having said that, if she lays on it while sleeping or rubs against her car seat it can get a bit frizzy in the back. In the bath I also just use the same Suave Sleek conditioner on her and when getting her ready for the day I just spritz it down, comb it with a wide tooth comb, throw in some Carols Daughter Hair milk and then top it with Kinky Curly. The Kinky Curly is THE BEST to keep the ringlets in place. It is my favorite product of all. I have tried a lot of products at this point- and try to be economically smart but honestly I haven't found anything that works as good as these.The Carols Daughter Hair Milk is great too- but when I have run out before I have just put in more conditioner on her spritz hair and I think it works just as good.

For lotion I use the Vaseline Cocoa Butter on all of them. Hope that helps. :)

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Dardi said...

Oooh, I'll have to check out the Suave conditioner. I began using conditioner to wash Kendi's hair b/c it gets dry really easy. Still experimenting...her curls are tight! Think I'll have K'Tyo try using it for washing...had never thought of that. Thanks for sharing!!

Lund7 said...

I could have used these suggestions this past week as we cared for 2 little foster girls(African American) and I was at a loss with their hair! The poor little ones were good sports with my lack of knowledge though! Next time I will know better!

Beth said...

when I first got our 2 I was on google trying to find out how to manage their hair. Now I feel like I get it down and then the season changes again and it frizzes out! I'm still trying to get something to work for our youngest girl. I will definitely try your mix! Thanks

Anonymous said...

My friend has a great blog about caring for African American hair. Check it out:

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Thank you, thank you, Amy!! I never thought of skipping shampoo and only using conditionaer - that's brilliant! I'm going to buy the ckcustard this weekend and pray it makes Gracie's hair as stunning as Havyn's ;) xo

Angela :-) said...

ALL hair is good hair.

Angela :-)