Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When your friends got your back :)

One of the greatest gifts the Lord gives us are our friends. We have been so blessed by the people God has brought into our lives on this crazy journey of faith.

My amazing friend Lorraine has a huge heart for orphans and the Lord and decided to do MORE about it. In memory of her precious daughter Chrissie (who went to dance with Jesus one year ago) she is hosting a blitz called "Back the Blocks" to help our family find 147 (God did that number not me) monthly sponsors at $25 a month so we can head to Guatemala to do His work.

Check out Lorraine's blog here and see for yourself just how incredible she is.

** UPDATE: and to make the deal even sweeter my ROCKIN friend Christi sweetened the deal... check out her blog here.

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Chantelle said...

Lorraine asked and I made a button for BACK THE BLOCKS... go grab it guys!! SPREAD THE WORD! :)

Holly said...

Been totally stressing about how to be part of what you are doing and keep our other commitments as well. Never really imagined that a little $25 a month multiplied many times over could really make such an impact. Thanks to Lorraine for setting this up!! so excited for your family!

Susan Baker said...

Hello Blocks,

You will see my pledge canceled but please don't worry, I canceled it to increase it to $25/month. I think that's the only way to change the amount. The new one is already done.

Best wishes,

Susan Baker

Unknown said...

Love it and so psyched to be along for this amazing ride God has you on!

Love you!

Christi said...

praying and trusting!

Lorraine, AKA Forever Blessed said...

Thanks everyone for supporting the Blocks. As of 4PM Wed. May 4, we have 10 out of 147 supporters. Keep spreading the word and praying for God to lift up an amazing team to "Back the Blocks"!