Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To our Senders...

A friend told me the other day that she felt like she was doing so little towards our going to Guatemala by being a monthly supporter. I assured her right then and there that was not the case at all, but the Lord laid it on my heart to say this to all of you who have made a choice to partner with us...

Your part in sending is VITAL. In no way do we or does God consider your part 'little'. Plain and simply, we could not do our part in going without you all doing your part in sending.

And God intended it that way.

He didn't intend for His call to commission to every nation to be for or about only one couple who said yes to going. He called us all to be a part of it and each part is not viewed as small in His eyes.

Not a single one of us are supposed to "do it all" on our own. Neither you nor I. Yet all too often we fall for this lie. We believe that if we are not good enough, strong enough, rich enough, worthy enough, perfect enough, qualified enough then we shouldn't be doing it. That couldn't be further from the truth. Trust me, I am none of the above. It is because of those exact reasons- our NOT being good enough, worthy enough or qualified enough that we NEED Jesus.

His strength, His mercy, His goodness, His grace- which is exactly what He desires us to know- our need for Him. 

When we try to do it all on our own we miss out on the "relational part"- the very reason God created us. And then it becomes about US- our power, our smartness, our goodness, our abilities-- and not His.

Then, we miss out on the beauty of why God created the church- the body. He intended for the body to work together for the same purpose- His kingdom. And our job is to be our part of that body and exalt His name in ALL the earth. The Great commission.

Last Sunday Todd and I have the privilege of speaking at an amazing Jesus loving church. One of the things I feared most when God called us was having to speak publicly. I keep asking God for that gift but so far His answer has been 'no'. :) Yet in His goodness He has turned this experience into such a blessing I never imagined. We have been blown away by the support we have been given and blown away by witnessing God's people in action. And we have been blown away by the pastors and leader of these churches- their hearts for leading those to know Him on a personal level with everything they have. There is nothing more beautiful in my eyes. The pastor at the church we spoke at this past Sunday reminded us that God didn't come to this earth just to save us- He came for our salvation- which is ongoing. Not a one time event. God didn't save you so that He can do things for you- He saved you so that you can do things for Him. In other words- to serve... with our time, our resources and our abilities. And yet all too often we are only guilty of calling out to God in those moments when we need Him to do something for us.

So what I wanted to say to you senders is thank you. Thank you for consciously making a sacrifice to partner  with us on this journey and for serving God with what He has given you. Thank you for being a part of the body- not doing it all- but for doing what you can through prayer, sacrifice and willingness. Thank you for being willing to give knowing you may never receive anything back on this side of heaven. 

Our family is committed to praying for all of our supporters.Because we don't take this partnership lightly we care about each and every one of you. Many of you we have never met in person and only know your name but you have touched our hearts in ways you cannot even begin to know. But we know that God has put you in our lives for a purpose- the great commission and we are honored to be on His team along side of you. So thank you for the example you are to Todd and I, and to our children. We know you by name, and so does the Lord.

Thank you again.

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Renae said...

It is truly a privilege and honor to be a "sender" for your family!!:)

Unknown said...

Beautiful...I love this...praying for you guys!

Melissa said...

Praying for you to have more senders and get to Guatemala soon!

Marisa said...

One of the greatest things is when God places it upon someone's heart to support me when I haven't talked to them in years or never met them before, but they somehow heard from me. There's a special connection between sender and sent, and it's a joy to see how your family has such a great understanding of that! God bless as the time draws closer for you to head off to Guatemala!

Debbie Doughty said...

What a blessing to know that your children are praying for us!

Nikki Bettis said...

We are not only blessed by being able to be a part of the work taking place there and having a place in the life of your family but just as blessed knowing we are being prayed for. Prayer is an amazing thing. It still loves mountains. What a blessing it is to help send you and what a blessing to know we are being prayed for. It truly is such a heart changing experience to be able to give. Following you on your journey.