Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My sweet friend Amber blessed my kiddo's today with these adorable hats!! They LOVE them and refuse to take them off. Thanks for sharing you talent with us Amber- you are so sweet! To purchase one of these adorable hats or see what other types Amber can make you can visit this site.

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Amber said...

This picture totally makes me smile! I love it, and Im glad they all fit!

Unknown said...


Great job on the photo too!

Love you!


Tari said...

omgosh, thanks for the link to those adorable hats! I have a friend whose last name is Bear, and her son is due next month. He's definitely getting the "baby bear" hat that Amber makes! SO precious. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Heheheh...I love them...oh and the hats are cute, too...LOL...beautiful hats for beautiful babes!

Rachel H. said...

Mya and Aleigha came to church with them on on Wednesday night and I think they are absolutely adorable :)!! I wish I could knit like that! She did aMaZiNg!! Those flowers on the side of the girls are SO cute, and Havyn's is breath-taking!! I love the little face, or monster on hers!! She looks like she is having the best of times she has ever had!! The boys even love their hats! I don't know who you said did them but they look great!! They all love them, I can tell in the picture! I could also tell at church! They were showing everybody and telling about them! Those are great!! :))))