Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Every child

I can't remember the exact moment...

but I have heard the stories,

of the day I came into this world.

I can't remember the sounds

but I know without a doubt

there was rejoicing in the hospital room.

I know there were people cheering

as word got out I had entered the world..

I can't remember the day

but I know I was wrapped in a soft blanket,

snuggled in arms of my mother...

and brought HOME.

There I was loved,

and taken care of,

and cherished.

Pictures were taken,

birthdays were celebrated,

memories were made.

And one thing I can remember is..

I felt safe.

I felt loved.

I felt wanted.

That is my wish for every child.

But the reality is for many-

their lives look nothing like this.

For many children,

there is no cheering,

no safety

and no hope.

People have asked us why Guatemala?

Why leave the comfort of the good old USA and go to a place that isn't as safe and where life is harder?

And my answer is...

because of children like Lizzy.

Because you see,

while the day Lizzy was born

there may not have been a celebration here on earth-

but in my heart I know

that there was cheering in heaven.

Because a child of God had been born.

A child who is beautiful.

A child who is a gift.

A child who matters- just as much as you and I.

A child who should never feel like they belong in the trash...

where Lizzy was found,

naked and alone.

Every child,

deserves to be celebrated

and to know the One who created them.

If you would like to help be a part of Lizzy's life, ensuring her the opportunity to have all of those things at Eagles Nest Orphanage- please go here and learn about how to be her monthly sponsor.

There are so many things we can invest our times and money into each day- but I believe the life of a child is one of the best investments that can ever be made.

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Shonni said...

Amen Amy, Amen!!

Unknown said...

Oh sweet Lizzy! Praying for her now! Father thank You for this precious child of Yours! May she never feel left and alone again!

AMEN Amy! I love you!

Debbie Doughty said...

John got to hold Lizzy while he was there! He was smitten :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful post...she is gorgeous!!! Praying for this treasure!

Laurel said...

What a beautiful explanation of WHY you are going ... why GOD has called you ... why Lizzy and all of the others NEED you to go ...

So excited for ALL that the LORD is doing in and through your precious family!

love ya lots!

Laurel :)

Ellie said...

I agree wholeheartedly. That is why we are beginning the process to adopt a little girl from Reece's Rainbow. We are not rich, and we could certainly use the money to buy a better car, live in a better house, buy a bigger diamond for my wedding ring, and eat out more often. I have been reading your blog for awhile, and I have actually used some of your faithful thoughts on adoption in an email to my mom to explain my own feelings (don't worry, I included a link and gave you credit:). I even used your Reluctant Husband Syndrome posts 1 and 2, for my husband was reluctant in the beginning too.
We will begin fundraising as soon as we get the go-ahead from the agency, so I hope you will find the time to stop by and visit our blog!

Unknown said...

Beautiful girl! Beautiful mission!