Thursday, November 4, 2010

You can make a difference TODAY

I am a firm believers in miracles- I have seen them in my own life and in others as well.

And I also know there is nothing that God loves more than to see an orphan (or two) come home.

I have seen people fund raise for adoptions. But I am pretty sure I have never seen a family like this one
work and fund raise this hard- for three straight years.

I cannot tell you how many emails and blog posts I saw from this family showing evidence of some way they working to bring their child home. It always made me smile- because in them I saw their willingness to do whatever it takes.

And then the day came they reached their goal.

They raised the money- they hopped on the plane for Kazakhstan to bring their child home.
Only, God had a different plan than the one they did.

He had TWO children in mind.

TWINS. TWO ORPHANS who would be in a forever family.

This family was ECSTATIC.

And then, the reality hit them.

They were there in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan - they were in love- they were ecstatic- but they only had the funds to bring home one child.

So once again they are looking to God.

Tomorrow they must tell the orphanage yes or no. Tomorrow two little lives could be forever changed.

They don't have any more time to fund raise. The time is NOW. Do they walk away from a child in need, a child God put in their hearts and into their path- or else believe that God is still in the miracle business today?

How about YOU? What will you decide?

I am asking you to be a part of a miracle TODAY.

Time is running out.

I know there are so many things you could choose to do with your money TODAY.

How about making your money go towards something with eternal value-towards giving a child a life?

Every single cent counts. $2.00 is $2.00 closer to giving a child A HOME.

Can you help be a part of a miracle today?

Here are ways you can give:

Gobbles local bank:
Payne County Bank - Just make a deposit into Phillip and Lanetta Gobble’s Savings Account – Adoption Account.

Paypal – Our personal paypal is

Here’s the info. For making a tax deductible donation through Lifesong:


Made out to Lifesong for Orphans Memo: Gobble 1246

Sent to:

PO Box 40

202 N Ford street

Gridley, IL 61744

Online @ PayPal:

mark Gobble 1246 on memo

Please spread the word on your blog and please stop and say a prayer right now for this family!!!

Thanks for making your life count.
To answer some of your questions-
Yes this family has a blog- you may email Lanette at
for a password if interested.
The twins they are hoping to adopt are 3 1/2 year old girls.
I will try to update when I know more exact updates on how close they are to their goal.
Lanette reported that God IS moving and donations are pouring in. I cannot encourage you enough- if you have heard God call you to adopt and the money is what is stopping you- don't let it. It's ALL His. If it's God's will-it's God's bill. He will provide.

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Chantelle said...

Do they have a blog or website?

Amy said...

Chantelle- GREAT question- they do but it's private. :( You can feel free to email her though and perhaps she would let you view it.

AuraSoul! said...

Can I post this on my blog and/or facebook?

Unknown said...

Amy - you ROCK! Praying with them!


Phillip Knight said...

How much do they lack?

Amy said...

YES please do post it ANYWHERE.

And as for the amount they lack question- they were $10,000 short- but as of an hour ago that went down to $8,000!!! Praising God for the $2,000 that has come in so far!

Danae Hudson said...

Can you keep us posted on their progress, please? :) Prayers!!

Phyllis said...

Thanks for letting us know about them. I can't even imagine being in that situation. Praying for them, and made a donation.

HannahAchrissmile said...

I tweeted! Also donated what I could! Glad to hear about what God has been doing, His ways are amazing!

Justin said...

You can make a difference everyday, I do it at

Just an idea for everyone..

MnM said...

Matthew West is my area this weekend and this morning they played One Less on the radio.

So glad I could do my part and so glad there's 'one less broken heart in the world tonight.'