Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wish list

Anybody happen to have an extra one of these laying around? LOL
No, seriously- we have people hunting but if you happen to know of a church or someone selling a 15 passenger that is cheap and actually runs let me know. We are getting desperate!! :0)


Angela :-) said...

We just bought one this past summer. I highly recommend the Chevy Express--the wheel base is better. This is our second one. Check with dealerships--they may be able to get you one. When we were looking while gas prices were so high, they were almost desperate for the business for large vehicles.

Angela :-)

Phyllis said...

If I DID have one laying around, I'd definitely let you have it :) Hope you find something soon and I'll keep my eyes open for one.
Thanks for the updates and the ideas on the routines and 1-on-1 time. Sounds like everyone is doing well. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, especially this Friday.

Sarah said...

Ha! This is great! I remember joking with you not too long ago that you were going to need one of these - If I recall correctly you said something like: "NO WAY - I'm not driving one of those things!"

Be careful what you say you'll never do . . . ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, we met at the Eagle's Nest reunion in Bloomington, IL last summer when we were waiting for our daughter to come home from EN. I am an occupational therapist by training and the fact that the 15 passenger vans don't have head rests (at least the older ones we were looking at didn't) really bothered me. We got a 15 passenger Ford that had been converted to 14 (instead of 15) captain's chairs complete with reading lights above each seat (just like an airplane)! Everyone having their own "space" is great! It came to our house on a car carrier from Enterprise in CA where is was previously used as a commuter van. It has served us well! If you want more info please email me at deb dot everly at verizon dot net.
BTW, LOVE your blog. So glad you are public again; I missed you for those months and was so glad to see you pop up again when I looked one day! :)
Deb Everly

Amy said...

Do you have a university in your area? We have friends that bought theirs used from a university nearby, the school was going to trade it in but gave them a great deal - it was also well maintained. Just a thought. :)

Anonymous said...

When my friend found out she was pregnant with quads (she already had 4 children ages 1-6), the dealership sold her one for very little and wrote off the loss as a donation. Praying you find a very compassionate dealer! :) I love Deb's idea! And I'm giggling at Sarah's comment because I have said the same thing but deep down I'd drive one in a heartbeat for extra blessings. :D

Anonymous said...

Amy_ I think I know someone who has a 15 passanger van for sale. Or at least they did! I will check tomorrow and pray tonight that it is still available.