Wednesday, December 31, 2008

May 2009 bless your socks off!!!

Happy New Year! I hope that 2009 God blesses you like no other year in your life!
My prayer for you is that in 2009 you give all that you are and all that you have to God and see what He does with your life. May the life you live honor and glorify the one who made you so beautiful.
In Revelations 20:12-13 is says that we are all moving toward a day in which we will be judged: "The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books". One day you and I will stand before the Lord and He will look at how we lived our lives- what we did with the time that He blessed us with. My challenge for you is to really take a good look at your life~ none of us are perfect, and God is not asking us to be. He knows we are not already. But what He wants is your obedience, your willingness, your heart. He wants you to desire Him above all else. In a world full of so many opportunities it is easy to find ourselves headed down the wrong path and not even know it. The road may appear like the right one- exciting, fun, successful, even safe- but is it the road that God wants you on? Is your road- your life’s journey, worth something to God or is it simply all about you- your wants and your needs? Often times in the past I was held back by my own desires of how I wanted my life to look, believing I really had some say… If the Lords call didn’t ‘look’ the way I had pictured it, if it involved more giving, more pain, more sacrifice then I had envisioned- I bolted- headed down a different path- hoping down that road I would find what I was looking for. And you know what- the funny thing was- God let me. He let me wonder, let me continue to look-always searching- but never being completely fulfilled. He let me remain lost, remain empty-all the while giving me the time I needed to grown until I was finally able to say “Yes Lord- have your way” and mean it. My life today is nothing at all how I once would have chosen it to look-but you know what- it’s the way God planned it to be- and I am so very, very blessed. He knew all along what I couldn't see it.

I was reading a blog post the other day and came across this comment a reader posted. I happen to know the person to left this comment and I couldn’t help but be blown away by her words. She gave me permission to post it on my blog. (Thanks Lisa- you rock!) I hope it touches your heart like they did mine.

The blogger had asked this question (which of course caught my attention). She asked: Are there some people who are cut out to have a lot of kids and some who aren't? And here is what Lisa H. wrote:

"I'll jump in on the question regarding being cut out to have a large family. I think the question is really "How is God wanting to use my life?" I don't think that God has called us all to have large families, but I think He has called us all to have a place where we get our hands dirty and our lives messy in meeting the needs of hurting people. It might be ministry to single moms, prisoners, the poor, the homeless, widows, inner city kids, immigrants, the sick, etc..., but SOMEWHERE God has a place for each of us to serve that will complicate our lives, and our homes, and our personal space and time....AND that place will be a place where we know a special kind of fulfillment and satisfaction and where we are used to have eternal impact. For the lucky ones of us, it's the call to parent children who need families! :o)Yes, that call has involved giving up personal time and space, living in a home that rarely reflects the ideal I have in my mind, and feeling a little over-stimulated, even, at times, from the comings and goings of our crew. But I KNOW that this is the call of God on my life and our family, and even in my worst moments, I know I'd never choose to miss the precious children God has brought to our family for a little more personal time or a more magazine worthy home.
Last summer I had the afternoon "off" as my husband cared for our children. I went out to lunch and sat in the sun at an outdoor cafe while I sipped tea and read a magazine. After a while, I thought, "This is great! I needed this!....But this is nothing to build a life around!" and I was ready to go home, and be back in the game with my family.
We are all unique creations and we have different needs for space, quiet, order, etc. We need to respect these limits and live within them. But we need to be sure that we're not resisting God's desire to stretch us and push us out of our comfort zones as He enlarges our hearts to love the world through us. It's a hard, painful process but the end result is JOY, for us and for those we're called to love... I think if we are faithful to ask God His intentions and to be seeking His wisdom with open hearts, then He will show us which situation applies to us. My .02 on a great question!"

Lisa H. Mom to 7

Can’t wait to see what 2009 brings for you!!! Love, Amy


Recovering Noah said...

Happy New Year to you, too Amy!

And thanks for posting Lisa's fabulous message. I really needed that as I've been hearing all about my childless friends and their plans for tonight - but I look around and think, "You know.. I'm right where God wants me."

Hey, you know that Lisa is Nandini's "Auntie", right? She's full of wisdom. :-)

Here's to 2009!


Kathleen said...

I think she has been reading Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren. I asked for that book for Christmas and my mother gave it to me with the idea that she and my sister would read it too. I think 2009 will hold many moments where I am "pushed out of my comfort zone" for His glory. It will be wonderful to watch Him work in our lives in this new year. Bless you and your family in 2009.

Pattie said...

All I can say is THANK YOU for that blog. I have been having a hard time dealing with letting go 100% to god on some matters of adoption and buying our first home. I feel myself from holding back about 10% from laying it all out there on the table for God I know he is in control but why am I holding back from fully releasing. I think I am scared of losing that control right now and man that just isn't me. Reading your blog as given me some peace in this matter and for that I can only say THANK YOU for posting this blog.

Happy New years eve and I can't wait to see what 2009 brings for all of us.

Instantly Mama said...

This was great Amy! I quoted you quite a bit on my blog today. Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful words of wisdom. Surrendering all to the Lord may look a little crazy to the world and at times may make our homes a little crazy but it is so worth it. The Lord blesses us so greatly in our obedience to Him!

Happy New Year!

Melinda said...

Happy New Year Amy! I loved this and need to hear it again and again! It is a constant struggle but I do know that I am ready to follow God no matter where he takes me. I just want what He wants for my life. I also loved Lisa's comment from that blog. It was profound and I am so happy to be able to learn from so many wonderful Godly mom's that continue to inspire me daily. Thank you for being one of those Mom's who has allowed all of us to have a peak at your life and motivate us all to live out our life following hard after God.

Pam said...

I love your prayer and this post and the comment that you were allowed to copy... amen to it all... as one who's life was headed one way and suddenly was adjusted to another... parenting many children and adopting to single parenting and no more adopting... i completly understand this post. It confirms some things that have be knocking around in my own head, that I was thinking of posting about on my blog... thanks for being you, for being obedient, for being who God called you to be... blessings on 2009 to your family too.

Angela said...

I shared this with my Husband. It is exactly what we needed to hear. A group in our church (including us) have began a 21 day fast for God's Boldness in our lives, desiring HIM over all other!! Your word has provided "meat" for me today!!

God Bless,