Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things that work for us

Here are a few of the things we do to help keep washing dishes and laundry under control. Everyone has a cute towel on a hook in their room that they use after bathes and then hang it back up. It really cuts down on towel washing. After doing laundry we put them on a shelf in the laundry room under the child's name then they all have to put them away (usually about 1 to 2 times a week.) For the little ones they all have a water bottle on a shelf in the frig with their name on it. It cuts down on dirty cups and if they are thirsty they just help themselves. (We do lots of water at our house).

If anybody else has any good time saving, money saving or organization tips I'd love to hear from you. I need all the help I can get!!!


Doreen said...

Love the water bottle idea... i use small dixie cups by the kitchen water for the filtered water to drink, and we use lots of paper plates for breakfast foods like waffles, toast etc.. and some dinners .i should try the towel idea , i have to cut down on the laundry too...great ideas.. doreen

Anonymous said...

Just getting a chance to catch up on the blog. I love getting the opportunity to see my beautiful nieces and nephews. Can't wait to meet the new additions to MY family. Love you all very much.

Love, Aunt Tara

Leanne said...

I love your clean laundry shelf. Genius :)

Karen said...

I just found your blog and your story is amazing!!

P.S. I did a post a few days ago on the same "Christmas video"...we must think alike :)

Kathleen said...

These are great ideas and I use the same towel "system" as you do. I think it helps my kids feel as if they have "their own space" in a small home with lots of kids. We also have given each of our kids their own coat hook in our entry way for their coats and backpacks. They keep all their shoes and boots under that hook too. It does help with our morining bus run when they have all of their things in one place. I also have a bench with baskets next to our hooks. We have one basket for our boys and one for our girls. These baskets are great for spots equipment and all the hats and mittens we need for our winter. We call them cubbies which makes it feel a bit like school!

Sarah said...

Love the cute towels!
You are the queen of organization -I loved your last post on that topic too! (If you are reading this comment and you are not Amy - You must look for that post. She's incredible!)

Angela :-) said...

We all use the same cup all day (most of the time). I'm not a big fan of water bottles. An idea I got from my sister (who did it out of necessity--no high cupboards at the time): put the plates, cups, bowls, etc. in lower cupboards. This way even the littlest ones can help set the table and empty the dishwasher.

PJs are worn more than one night in a row here, when you take them off in the AM, they go on your bed (doesn't work as well with young nappers) until the next night.

When I'm really organized, clothes are laid out the night before, in age order, on what we call 'the ledge', aka the railing above the stairs in the upper hallway.

Angela :-)

Sarah said...

Okay, I had to find that other post organization post - I loved it! It was in Jan 2008: Oganization with 6 kids

Sarah said...

I found the post I was talking about - It's from Jan 2008: "Organization with 6 kids"
Love it!

Sarah said...

I found the post I was talking about - It's from Jan 2008: "Organization with 6 kids"
Love it!

Angela said...


Love the water bottle idea--I am going to use that one.

Wanted to share we have done to help keep track of all the papers our kids bring home. We created our system on the back of the kitchen pantry door. We have four thin strips of metal that are screwed horizontally to the inside of the door. Each child has his/her own magnetic clip that is used for various papers from school, church, or other activities.

We've had this for three years now and love it!!

Praying for ya!!
ps. I got over myself and opened my silly blog-- :-)

Michelle said...

I love to read a blog called, A Baker's Dozen, Daily life in a large family, she has some amazing ideas.

Amy Clemons said...

Sending prayers your way and hoping for good news about the baby. Hoping the judge decides to keep the children together.

Amy Clemons said...

Sending prayers your way and hoping the judge decides in your favor to keep the kids together.