Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dangerous Surrender- a second time around

I decided to read Dangerous Surrender again by Kay Warren. If you have not read it yet- please do it! It will change who you are- if you dare to let it. This is my second time reading through it and I have realized that I could probably read it 10 more times and still something new would hit me. Today I wanted to share this with you...

" The bottom line 'proof' of our love for Jesus is a surprising measurement. It's not found in the ways we've typically used to evaluate our spiritual maturity. Proof of our love for Jesus is found not merely in attending church, reading the bible, singing praise songs, being part of the choir, teaching a Sunday School class, or serving as an usher or an elder (although each of those activities is an important part of a growing spiritual life), but in loving and serving the sick, the poor, the weak, and the marginalized.

You can't physically give Jesus shelter, fix him a meal, or put a clean shirt on his back; you can't visit him in a prison cell or offer him a drink of water. But when you do it for them- for the least- you are doing it for him. And when you're not doing it for them, you're not doing it for him.
Ouch. "
(Kay Warren, Dangerous Surrender)


Jman's momma said...

This is such an amazing book. I have not finished it yet. I got about half way and stuff came up and I don't know it got sidelined. So I started over. Weird thing though I needed to go back to some of those earlier chapters for what has been going on lately. At first I thought Satan was keeping me from finishing the book but maybe God knew how forgetful I am and needed me to reread some stuff. Either way - this is a crazy wild amazing must read. Talk about getting real, right?

Carolyn T said...

I too am starting that book AGAIN....There is actually a free study on her website...with video....may even start a small group....WHY don't you live by me????